Discover the magnificent office space tucked away ..
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Discover the magnificent office space tucked away in Hyderabad's Jain Capital Park and its organic, modern interior design. The workstation areas are engaging and charming, and the office interior emanates elegance and sophistication. Come along on a virtual tour of this amazing office setting.
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Modern Workspace Interior Design | GAC Office Tour at Jain Capital Park | Nifty Interio

Modern Workspace Interior Design | GAC Office Tour at Jain Capital Park | Nifty Interio

Workspace Interior Design at ???? ??????? ???? in ????????, ????????? | A Tour to Office Interior Design at ??? by ????? ??????? | New Workspace Design 2023

Welcome to the captivating realm of GAC's 1500 sq. ft. office, nestled in the heart of ???? ??????? ????, ????????, ?????????. This exquisite space exudes elegance and refinement, shaped with the keen involvement of CEO ??. ????? and ??. ???????. Join us on a virtual journey through this remarkable office ambiance.

????????? ????: Discover the charming 6.5 ft space adorned with an L-shaped table featuring convenient storage below. A stylish louver proudly displays the company branding, complemented by elegant V-shaped profile lighting and a laminated marble sheet. Adjacent to it, a charming two-seater sitting area awaits, adorned with a wall that has the company's branch logo and a delightful London Bridge-themed wallpaper.

??’? ?????: Step into the MD's cabin, where a specially designed sitting arrangement awaits with a table and chair. The space also accommodates four chairs and a meeting table. Stylish lighting enhances the ambiance, while motivational wallpaper adorned with the company logo graces the background wall. On the opposite side, a large screen is accompanied by storage options on both sides, offering versatility and functionality.

????????? ????: Enter the expansive workspace adorned with 30 meticulously designed workstations. Each workstation is furnished with glass cabins, accompanied by convenient pedestals and storage. The walls come alive with writing boards, motivational wallpapers, and the captivating presence of the company logo.

??????? ?????: Step into the captivating meeting rooms adorned with six elegant seating spaces, illuminated by beautiful designer lights. In both meeting rooms, we have a prominent wall that hosts a large screen, while an adjacent wall showcases a delightful tale through charming canvas paintings and an inspiring motivational speech. Outside the cabins, vibrant stickers proudly represent the company's areas of expertise.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the esteemed CEO, ??. ?????, and the remarkable??. ??????? for generously sharing their precious time from their busy schedules. Their invaluable guidance has been a beacon of light that made our work journey smoother.

Our profound gratitude extends to our esteemed lighting experts, ???????? and ?????? ?????, with whom we have forged a steadfast partnership for over 15 years. Their wealth of experience and invaluable advice has been instrumental in our journey.

1:06 Office Overview
2:34 Reception Area
3:11 MD’s Cabin
3:47 Workspace Area
4:09 Meeting Room No.1
4:55 Meeting Room No.2

Discover the art of personalized interior design at ????? ???????. Let our experts bring your dream workspace to life, tailored to your preferences. Experience a truly exceptional and uniquely styled workspace with us.

??????? ???????:
GAC - Jain Capital Park
1500 sq. ft.
Project Cost - ₹70 Lakh

????? ?????:
????? ???????, a reputable interior design firm in Hyderabad, is dedicated to the art of crafting exquisite and personalized interior decor. With a fervent passion for aesthetics and timeless design, we cater to discerning clients, celebrating the allure of beauty in every creation.


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Contact No:- 9581368124,

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