So I visited my fiancees parents yesterday. ..
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So I visited my fiancee's parents yesterday. That was my third time of visiting them this month.
The first day I paid them a visit, I had gone with my fiancee, Monica. They had welcomed me warmly and offered me a seat in the livingroom.
But while sitting on their torn sofa, I had stuck my hand into one of the holes at impulse and was surprised to find some money folded and hidden in there.
I quickly grabbed the money and put in my pocket without anyone noticing me.
The money was about 3k
The second time I paid them a visit, I did same thing and also discovered another folded money hidden in the sofa and I collected it. This one was about 5k
So yesterday, I decided to pay them another visit, and this time I went without Monica. The couple were surprised to see me again.
Meanwhile, Monica's father had been the person hiding that money in the sofa, and when he could not find it anymore, he had blamed it on his wife.
So immediately I was ushered in, I rushed and sat on the sofa that always had the free money. We began to discuss and as usual, I slide my palm into the same hole unnoticed, but instead of grabbing money, something grabbed my fingers.
Hey God!! I shouted... It was a trap!
Rat trap!... That iron trap 😭
Who dey hide trap inside chair if not w!-ckedness! Who does that!? 😭
Na run I run comot from there. I no stop until I reach house 😣
If I marry from that family make I bend 😭
W!cked father-in-law... Winch! 😭
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