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How do you make yourself a better person?

🔯 Quick reminder : The goal is to get rich , not get noticed,

🔯 Immaturity is seeing wealth as status symbols , bank balance & beautiful women. Maturity is seeing wealth as freedom , health , & a nurturing life partner,

🔯 You must be brutally honest with yourself in order to improve who you’re,

🔯 Life’s most fundamental core act is the attempt to move from a fragmented personality to a more consolidated & structured identity. Don’t be left out,

🔯 Without knowing what you want from a woman, you’ll never meet her . All great relationships start with introspection,

🔯 Most people don’t realize that you can live your best life at any given moment . It’s all in your mind,

🔯 Relationships without boundaries eventually self-destruct . Humans can’t help but act within their nature. Without clear limits , one party will take things too far ,

🔯 Detox your thoughts , emotions as well as your physical body if you would like to be successful in attaining true health & vitality,

🔯 If everything you do is based on what people will think of you , what’s the point of having your own thoughts ? ,

🔯 Making hasty decisions based on emotions is a common way to destroy years of efforts in one day.