How to Eliminate One Bad Habit at a time

Why is it so hard to get rid of our negative habits? This is especially difficult when it comes to the behaviors that stand in the way of realizing our dreams.

The finest of intentions frequently seem to be defeated. However, this is not how life has to be.
Almost everyone battles a mental enemy. There's always that one obstacle we can't seem to overcome, whether it's paying off our debt, becoming healthy, or quitting drinking or smoking.

The solution is frequently pretty obvious, but most people are unaware of it: we just don't manage our stress and boredom in an efficient and healthy way.


Many of our unhealthy behaviors are just coping mechanisms we've developed to deal with stress or boredom. Although it would be fantastic if someone had trained us how to handle these unpleasant emotions, the majority of our parents weren't either.


How many of these fundamentally pointless behaviors engage you frequently?


  1. Online browsing 2. Consuming fast food 3. regularly consuming alcohol 4. watching more than a few hours of TV 5. biting your nails Playing video games, no. 6 7. Going shopping when you have nothing to buy 8. Delaying tasks 9. Sharing irrelevant information on social media platforms, such as what you're cooking for dinner.


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All of the items on this list have something in common: They are easy to accomplish, make us feel better, yet do nothing to cure the source of our tension or boredom.


Do any of your poor behaviors appear on this list? Can you see how that behavior doesn't really achieve anything other than briefly improve your mood?


The answer is to swap out these bad behaviors for good, productive ones. What would your physique like if you decided to go running whenever you were bored rather than consuming unhealthy food? If you could come up with something more enjoyable to do than go shopping for items you don't actually need, how would your bank account look?


What if you could begin a project right away rather than putting it off? How would your life be different then?


Try this simple strategy to break your undesirable habits:


Decide to modify one habit at a time.

After you get rid of the first habit, you can focus on the others. Your chances of success will be substantially improved by tackling each one separately.


Begin modestly.

You can continue to improve even if you only commit to the new habit for five minutes. A week or day can be added to this period of time. Simply attempt to develop progressively over time.


Recognize the triggers for the harmful habit.

You can use that trigger as a cue to start practicing your new habit if you can observe what occurs right before you feel the temptation to engage in the bad habit. Get to know your patterns inside and out.


Find a new habit that you enjoy.

It won't be very helpful to try to form a new habit if you don't enjoy taking walks. Find something you like to do, and your chances will be substantially greater. For as long as it takes, brainstorm potential replacements.


Gaining more success and achieving your goals requires effective stress and boredom management skills. Bad habits not only waste time, but they also push us further away from our goal.


Start right away and swap out one poor behavior for one better one. The hardest part is always beginning. The quality of your life will significantly increase if you can find a more efficient technique to handle your emotional distress.

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