Cash Money For Jim Cramer, the Federal Reserve is Bitcoin's Achilles' heel.

Cash Money For Jim Cramer, the Federal Reserve is Bitcoin's Achilles' heel.

The Real Deal Jim Cramer believes that the Federal Reserve will intervene to reduce the value of speculative assets like bitcoin.

Another one of Cramer's renowned about-faces has just been completed. This time, it is in reference to the way he feels about Bitcoin. He went on to say that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are speculative investments and advised consumers not to buy them because of this.

In recent years, Cramer has adopted a position on the bitcoin business that is regarded as very controversial. He asked that his salary be paid to him in bitcoin in the year 2021. However, after the significant drop in price, he decided to forgo those plans and sell almost all of his Bitcoin holdings.

Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC's "Mad Money," had yet another change of heart and recommended investors not to diversify their portfolios with cryptocurrencies. This time, Cramer advised investors not to diversify their portfolios with cryptocurrencies. He claims that the United States Federal Reserve is dedicated to lowering the value of speculative assets, and he thinks that digital currencies fit the bill:

"Jay Powell, the head of the Federal Reserve, came out here and told us that we need to stop doing silly things with our money… All that really important is that we emerge unscathed on the other side of this challenge. Don’t get memed. Don't get SPAC'd. Make sure you don't get crypto'd. When we are sufficiently oversold for a major rebound, you'll navigate your way through this maze, and you'll find yourself in a far better position than you were in before.

The Real Deal Jim Cramer believes that the Federal Reserve will put a damper on speculative assets like Bitcoin and altcoins, but should we put our faith in a man who is frequently incorrect?

Cramer is of the opinion that the Federal Reserve has the ability to put a halt to any activity that could be considered "gambling." The American remarked that while the institution may help certain significant ones in the process, it may also hinder some vital ones.

Earlier in the week, Brian Brooks, the Chief Executive Officer of Bitfury, criticized the Federal Reserve and how their plan to prevent inflation harms Bitcoin:

"We have discussed the notion that bitcoin can be used as a hedge against inflation. People are more likely to believe the Federal Reserve will maintain an aggressive posture the more the market anticipates tough policy from the Fed. This is something that could be detrimental to the price of bitcoin.

What Was Going Through His Mind Earlier?

It is reasonable to draw the conclusion that Cramer is one of those individuals who regularly change their perspective on the digital asset sector, with the majority of their shifts being driven by changes in pricing.

When the price of bitcoin dropped below $4,000 in 2018, he began to refer to it as "outlaw money." In spite of this, the value of the asset increased to $65,000 in the spring of last year, and he resolved to invest his paycheck in it.

After the Chinese government began cracking down on cryptocurrencies, the market for cryptocurrencies experienced a huge decline, and Cramer made another about-face by claiming that he had cashed out practically all of his bitcoin. In October, Cramer indicated that his involvement in the cryptocurrency market was "simply gambling." He continued by making a connection between the industry and the "greater fool theory."

In June, he went back on his previous statements and claimed that Bitcoin and Ether had won the attention of the general public and "look to be the most authentic" of all cryptocurrencies. As a consequence of this, he recommended to investors that they only engage in business with those two and that they never borrow money in order to enter the market.

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