Built With Bitcoin Completes Water Well Project in Igbaruku, Nigeria

Built With Bitcoin has successfully finished a project to provide sustainable and clean water in Nigeria.

  • The Igbaruku community, which is home to more than one thousand people, will no longer have to rely on a distant water source that is tainted with bacteria and is unfit to drink.

  • May marked the completion of the project, which had a total cost of approximately $6,000 USD in BTC at the time.

The Built With Bitcoin Foundation has constructed a water well in Nigeria, which, in addition to providing the locals with clean drinking water, will also offer them high-quality education about bitcoin.

Credit: Built With Bitcoin Foundation for the image

Igbaruku Community is located in the Kogi state of Nigeria, Africa. It is home to over one thousand inhabitants, all of whom were required to trek a significant distance each day in order to obtain the only water source that was even somewhat close to them. The water there is tainted, which leads to a variety of health problems for the local residents, most commonly include waterborne illnesses.

In addition, because of the great distance between the neighborhood and the village, the children and teenagers of the area frequently have to skip school or simply spend less time with their family and friends. Because of the nature of the area, these children are placed in potentially harmful situations whenever they are forced to travel.

In addition, the town has been cut off from the conveniences that are often taken for granted, such as clean water, electricity, sanitation, education, financial services, and other essentials due to its isolation.

In addition to now having access to a supply of clean and sustainable water, the community has also had the opportunity to have first-hand experience with the use of bitcoin while being trained on how to make use of the cryptocurrency by workers. Igbaruku was provided with grass-roots education on Bitcoin and financial inclusion as the initiative was being developed, and this education was provided in the community's native language.

"At the Built With Bitcoin Foundation, we operate all around the world to provide communities with clean water, access to quality education, sustainable farming, and humanitarian support, and it's all supercharged by Bitcoin," said Yusuf Nessary, co-founder and director of philanthropy at Built With Bitcoin. "We continue to function all around the known universe to provide neighbourhoods with fresh water, a high-quality education, intensive farming, and philanthropic support."

May marked the completion of the project, which had a total cost of approximately $6,000 USD in BTC at the time. This initiative received assistance from Bitcoin Magazine and BTC Inc., the latter of which is the magazine's parent business.

Nessary came to the conclusion that "thanks to the donations received at this year's Bitcoin Conference, this village in Nigeria has a new water system to keep them hydrated and healthy," which would help them to flourish in school, on the job, and in life in general.

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