The attackers will be attacked by 5 Icefiends

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Revenant demon, Level 98 can become invisible and attack people but then turns the auto retaliation off for OSRS Items 10 seconds and uses magic to hit 23, 160hp. Revenant Ork Level 105 uses melee and can be used to attack those in buildings, maximum hit 25, 180hp. Revenant dark beast - Level 120. The healer. The healer can heal stronger units with magic before. Ranges hit 24 and 23, 200hp.

Revenant knight Level 126 is a melee weapon with and range, able to hit between 20 and 27. it can shoot and bash multiple units at a time, 250hp. Revenant Dragon - Level 135 has the ability to heal, teleblock, and drain, freeze, turn invisibly and breathe fire. The maximum damage with magic melee is 300hp. Revenant God Level 500 melee 100 range - 100 mage-30 can be fatal to one person. 500hp

If you are frozen, you can attack but not move. How Many Revs? They will fight. That's right, they will use all of their strength to accomplish this. There will be 25 groups, and the next group will start to move along. 20 imps come dirrectly to your fortress and begin attacking it. If it reaches a low amount of HP, it will explode. Five goblins with 15 imps take on the defense. 10 goblins armed with 15 imps will strike any object that is in their view.

15 goblins, 5 imps, and 3 icefiends will be sent to take on players. 20 gobins, 10 imps and 3 icefiends will be sent to your fortress. We now have 20 goblins, 10 imps, and three Icefiends. The attackers will be attacked by 5 Icefiends. Your builders will get 20 goblins and 10 icefiends (and five pyrefiends). Now we've lost the goblin, and 10 icefiends, 10 pyrefiends and 10 hobgoblins will begin to attack anything they can see. 15 Icefiends 10 pyrefiends, and 15 hobgoblins will attack your fortress

Defenders will be attacked by 10 icefiends and 10 Pyefiends as well as 10 hobgoblins and 10 vampires. We have lost icefiends and Pyefiend. 15 hobgoblins aswell as 10 werewolves, 10 vampires and 10 pyrefiend will now attack the attackers. 15 hobgoblins (15 vampires) and 15 werewolves are going to Buy RS 3 Gold take on anything in their path. Defenders and builders are being attacked by 10 vampires, five hobgoblins, and 10 werevolves.


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