AXA Insurance stages phony Tesla battery fire

A public crash test was performed on a Tesla by AXA to highlight the danger of a battery fire; however, there was no battery in the vehicle throughout the test.

A Tesla Model S can be seen in a video that was uploaded to YouTube by AXA squeaking its way over a ramp before flipping over, landing on the ground, and catching fire.

Before AXA confessed to the German website 24AutoDE that there was no battery in the car, the collision footage went viral on social media. Instead of a battery, the vehicle had been equipped with pyrotechnics.


According to AXA, who spoke to the publication about the incident, "for safety reasons, it was not possible to spark a genuine battery fire at an event with approximately 500 people, which is why a fire with pyrotechnics was created."

The insurance company stated that it wanted to "bring out the danger" of a cell fire, which it believed may be caused by damage to the underneath of an electric vehicle (EV).

According to what was indicated, the company had also intended to "bring out the dangers" associated with fires in electric vehicles in general.

The insurance company acknowledged that fires are quite uncommon in internal combustion engines and electric vehicles alike, which is a cause for celebration.

However, AXA did not amend the press release with additional information that the vehicle in question did not have a battery installed until after AutoDE24 had made contact with the insurance company, as stated by the automotive journal.

Johna Crider, a writer for Teslarati and a Tesla stakeholder, referred to the crash test as an illustration of "fear, uncertainty, and doubt." [Crider] made this statement after the test.

"How can you declare that something catches fire and then conduct an experiment in which the object in question is not present?"

" Crider queried. "And to tell you the truth, if you light something on fire, that thing will catch fire,"

In a post on social media, the New Zealand-based automobile critic Gavin Shoebridge described the act as being "bizarre."

Shoebridge stated that the insurance company AXA had arranged for an extraordinary display in which a Tesla would scrape its battery and then burst into flames.

"There was just one issue, and that was… It was a completely faked event that was also completely weird.

Shoebridge continued by saying, "What an odd timeline we're in."

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