Generating Additional Money in Distributorship Field

For too many folks, distributorship may no longer be a new enterprise. The COVID-19 standard and current digitization, however, have transformed how this industry operates.

Since the COVID-19 curfew has initiated online business plans and changed the requirement for possessing a large factory before entering distributorship, it is no longer normal operation in distribution. As a result, as a sub-distributor, you may only require dispatching riders to transport some goods.

There are undoubtedly many profitable distribution enterprises in Nigeria, and the majority of companies operating there require dependable distributors.

By establishing your distribution system, you might be able to enter a market where a service is in demand but there are no existing distributors.


When selling products to consumers, distributors stand as that of the manufacturer's primary point of contact.

Since manufacturers rarely have direct relationships with end consumers, large distributors and sub-distributors will operate as a bridge, either through internet trade or in-person transactions.

By offering a dependable and economical distribution network, distributors play a significant role in assisting manufacturers in responding to the demand for respective goods.


Getting Started As A Distributor

Get sufficient information about your project, secure funding, create a solid business plan, and acquire a warehouse, among other requirements. You must get in touch with the product's makers and the shipping method.

These four pillars—purchasing, storage, transportation, and sales and advertising—are the foundation of every distribution business, especially when you combine internet sales.


              The most successful wholesale distributors employ a number of tactics to reduce expenses and maximize profits. These techniques are not made public, though. To secure their capital, a seasoned distributor, for instance, recognizes how to deal with products that are about to expire.

Making the most of earnings in the distribution sector would be challenging without a solid understanding of the fundamentals of supply chain management.

Recall the rules of supply and demand, shortages, and choice factors as well. Understanding when it is permissible to flip between various commodity transaction types or to take part in mixed commodity trading in the market is essential.


Origin of the Capital to use

Distributing well-known brands in Nigeria necessitates a large financial outlay. You'll need to purchase enough things to fill one or half a trailer, starting with the most well-known brands. It presents a serious obstacle for many aspirational distributors.

Therefore, you will need some monetary assistance if you wish to distribute a well-known brand in Nigeria. When money is an issue, you can consider working as a distributor for a novel product created by a young company.


Publishing Your Company

Currently, licensing your organization with the Corporate Affairs Commission is a requirement for establishing a business in Nigeria (CAC). If your business is not formally recognized, certain manufacturers can reject your request for becoming a distributor.


Acquiring the desired warehouse 

The heart of your distributing operations in Nigeria will indeed be your warehouse. The facility you choose must be convenient to your targeted audience, main roads, and public transit.

When submitting an application for the position of distributor for different companies, this data will be beneficial.

When a piece of the warehouse can provide the same function, there is no need to hire overpriced commercial building.


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Some categories of Distributors 

The two basic categories of distributorship are as follows: Subdistributor and big distributor both exist. The decision a person makes would be determined by the amount of money available.


Funding at the beginning 

Thus, unlike the major distributor who would require at most N6 million to commence distributorship, a subdistributor may not require hefty cash to start the business.

A subdistributor lacks the resources to import products directly from a manufacturer. With N500,000, you can quickly go from sub-distributor to distributor after beginning as one.

Therefore, the chain network from the manufacturer to the wholesaler and retail seller includes both the major distributor and the subdistributor.

When interacting with LEADERSHIP, Mrs. Taiwo Kayode, one of the distributors at Magboro community in Ifo Local Government, Ogun State, stated that she is a distributor. She delivers directly to retailers who are in business of selling packets of sachet milk, for example, to the end-user as well as to consumers who are only interested in buying a pack or dozens of the goods.


In a similar vein, Mrs. Kayode stated that anyone interested in starting a primary or large distributorship should look to work with manufacturers and be familiar with the market environment.

Additionally, she added, in order to become a sub-distributor, you must speak with or write to the business that owns the goods you wish to distribute. In turn, they will direct you to the distributor who serves your zone.


If you live in Ogba, Lagos, and wish to become a sub-distributor for local manufacturers, you can write them or contact the main/major distributor personally. Since it is unethical to have more than one subdistributor in a given location, the manufacturing company can then direct you to the closest large distributor in your industry, she emphasized.

Selling fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) may be very profitable and exciting.

When compared to what a primary distributor needs, the startup costs for a subdistribution company are not that high. You will require more than N2 million to become a distributor for some reputable companies' goods. With N500,000, however, you can begin as a sub-distributor and eventually transition to a distributor in a short amount of time.

If a person has enough money and the necessary abilities, beginning a distributorship firm is fairly simple, according to Mrs. Kayode. Before entering the industry, a potential distributor needs to focus on a specific product and market.

Subdistribution business steps in at this point. Meeting the qualifications to become a prominent distributor for particular manufacturing companies is frequently challenging for many people. Movement may take the form of a car, bike, keke, wheelbarrow, or the dispatch of riders for an online retailer.


"With N200,000 in capital, one can begin producing things like biscuits. All you need to do is purchase various brands and sizes. Up to 200 boxes of biscuits or more can be purchased with that sum. Flour is a simple trade that one might choose, she suggested.

Malam Aliu Mohammed, a resident of the Majekodunmi area of Ikeja, Lagos, claimed to be a subdistributor.

The primary distributor will contact me as a subdistributor to find out what products I require before sending those products to me. As a key distributor, I lack the resources and storage space to hold merchandise. I serve the general public in the same way as you are here ready to purchase a sachet of powdered milk with drinks.

Pick whatever you want to start with, Mohammed said, "as long as it's not already being done by someone local. For instance, you could choose a distributorship for noodles."

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