IOSCO Wants Crypto Regulated

Another institution is regulating cryptocurrency markets after the IMF, FATF, and others. The International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) recently commented on cryptocurrency legislation.

It appears that the organization has abruptly emerged from the shadows to share its position on and plans for the global cryptocurrency market's regulatory framework. According to media reports, the IOSOC is intending to issue its own set of rules and proposed sanctions for the global cryptocurrency markets.


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It is essential to note that IOSOC is an international consortium of securities regulators from around the world. The move indicates that international regulators and unions are increasingly recognizing the influence of cryptocurrencies as transnational currencies and financial instruments.

The company has garnered some attention by releasing an 18-point report on the topic of cryptocurrency regulations. In addition, it has provided a consultation period for nations struggling to implement or create cryptocurrency regulations in their jurisdictions. The proposal and consultation period will begin in the fourth quarter of the current year.


The IOSOC Report Addresses Financial Regulators' Concerns

IOSOC's report expressed some of the concerns of financial regulators regarding the cryptocurrency markets. Consequently, the report intends to employ a circular approach to identify the primary areas of concern regarding crypto entities.

The primary objective of the new global crypto policy standardization is to address the issue of regulating crypto-asset service providers (CASP). The company has maintained that global crypto markets necessitate securities regulations in order to resolve their most pressing issues.

The new global standards for securities regulations tailored for the crypto sector by IOSOC are intended to cover key areas of crypto markets, including settlement, surveillance, trading, and CASPs offerings, among others.


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The company has also decided to prioritize crypto custodial services providers. In addition, it will address marketing and distribution rules for crypto projects and work to streamline the advised and non-advised retail sales of digital assets.

IOSOC has also disclosed its plans to address DeFi market-related regulations in the future days. The company has maintained that its current report excludes DeFi market instruments. Nonetheless, a new charter that is more inclusive of international DeFi markets is in the works and is anticipated to be released before or during the beginning of the third quarter.

In its most recent report, IOSOC focused on various aspects of crypto regulations, such as conflict resolution resulting from vertical integration. New regulations designed to combat market manipulation, insider trading, and other financial frauds.

Risks associated with cross-jurisdictional crypto trading and collaboration between financial regulators regarding crypto-related cases in multiple legal jurisdictions. Additionally, the company is concerned about new regulations for crypto custody service providers.

The report has addressed operational and technical lagging issues. Retail sector financial inclusion is ensured by cryptocurrency entities. It is important to note that IOSOC has existed since 1983 and has continued to operate in Madrid.


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It has a 95 percent global securities commission participation rate and 130 sovereign nation connections. The data projections issued by IOSOC indicate that 75% of international security authorities are members of emerging market security regulations.

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