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Instead of sticking to a tried and true formula, Hudson and her stylist, Sophie Lopez, like to think on their feet. My colleague, fashion writer Christian Allaire, has long been a lover of low-rise jeans, not for their look but for what they stand for.

Her trick to staying relevant I think the secret is being authentic and true to your brand so that you don't confuse people, she says of her designs which even featured in the original SATC series. You can't always be the flavor of the month, but you can be the best version of you. And I think that that's really what people want. They want to know that you're going to be consistent and that the core of the brand is authentic.

They bring everything down a notch, there is a pair for every occasion and every style-and for people of every height and age. Earlier today, Kate Middleton stopped by London's Natural History Museum to learn about its new Urban Nature Project, which is helping local citizens reconnect with nature and teaching them ways to be more sustainable in their day to day lives.

There was the latching learning curve, resulting in weeks of sore, bruised nipples with texture akin to a piece of rubber. For spring, Lucie and Luke Meier, the creative director duo behind Jil Sander, crafted a pair of flat shoes that actually fly over the radar.

The superstar was among the many celebs in attendance for designer Stuart Vevers's show yesterday, which had a youthful lineup of colorful parkas and anoraks, among other items. Backstage after the show, Vogue beelined to the VIP area to catch five minutes with Khan, who loved the new collection. I was really impressed with the boots, because I love shoes, she said, exhaling a puff of her cigarette like a true Hollywood icon. When I was younger, I used to Golden Goose Sale buy Coach bags, so I was really interested to see what Coach is doing now.


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