Best Karat gold

14 Karat is a family-owned, luxury jewelry store in Omaha, Nebraska. We are Omaha’s best kept secret in fine jewelry. We have been delighting our customers since 1979.

14 Karat is the spot for Best Karat Gold in Omaha. Whether you're looking to buy an engagement ring, earrings, or necklace we've got something that will suit any occasion! And don't worry about not finding anything because our customer service experts are trained in helping people find what they really want without breaking their budget too.

14 Karat is a family-owned vintage jewelry store with many years of experience in Omaha, Nebraska. We are dedicated to providing our customers the highest quality diamond jewelry and engagement rings at competitive prices - all while maintaining unparalleled customer service! With an unmatched attention towards Jewelry Stores Omaha NE detail that will make you feel like royalty (or something close enough!), 14K has become one if not thee most trusted name when it comes down deciding on how your going spend over $1000 dollars.


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