Jewelry repair Omaha, NE

14 Karat is a family-owned, luxury jewelry store in Omaha, Nebraska. We are Omaha’s best kept secret in fine jewelry. We have been delighting our customers since 1979.

14 Karat is a Jewelry Repair Omaha NE that specializes in repairing and restoring gold, silver, platinum or diamond pieces. We offer various services to our customers including battery replacement as well ring sizing for all sizes! Our focus at 14K will always be quality repairs while providing you with personalized service affordability price point - know your needs before entering into any transaction here because when it comes down right care about what they do best: fixing jewelry!!

We at 14 Karat are Omaha's top Engagement Rings Omaha. We offer high-quality jewelry, at affordable prices and our customer service is second to none! Our goal is to make you feel confident in your purchase so that we can create a lifelong relationship with both of us as friends who frequent this store for all sorts of things including custom design services from the start (designer), repair work on anything ranging from watches up through eternity bands/watches; appraisal opinions when needed regarding valuable pieces, etc., special occasions come around like weddings, engagements.


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