The McLaren Artura GT4 Has Been Revealed As A V6-Only Race Car With No Hybrid Assist.

The McLaren Artura GT4 Has Been Revealed As A V6-Only Race Car With No Hybrid Assist.

Similar to Lotus, McLaren Artura has always focused on minimizing weight to optimize performance.

Even in its lightest configuration, the Artura with its complex plug-in hybrid powertrain weighs just 1,395 kilos (3,075 pounds) before adding fluids. It was unveiled today prior to its appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and its race car equivalent sheds 130 kg (287 pounds) to meet with GT4 regulations that prohibit hybrids.

Moreover, the Artura GT4 is over 100 kilograms (220 pounds) lighter than the 570S GT4 it replaces. With the V8 replaced by a more compact 6-cylinder engine, the track-only vehicle is now able to compete on the racetrack. The road vehicle's battery pack has been replaced by a 110-liter (29-gallon) fuel cell and auxiliary propulsion system. By repurposing the same area, according to McLaren, the vehicle's center of gravity remains low and the mass is maintained in the middle for improved balance.

In addition to the streamlined powerplant, the Artura GT4 receives a separate seven-speed gearbox in place of the eight-speed automatic transmission in the road car, where the electric motor is employed for reverse. It has shorter gear ratios than its predecessor and a mechanical limited-slip differential positioned in the rear, minimizing rear brake wear. Additionally, fuel consumption is reduced, whereas braking cooling efficiency is enhanced.


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Compared to the outgoing 570S GT4, the race model is equipped with a far more aggressive aerodynamic kit, allowing for higher downforce. To accommodate a variety of racing surfaces, McLaren has designed a unique front splitter and a new rear wing with seven different adjustment levels. According to reports, the race car is just as safe as the 720S GT3 from which it got the adjustable driver's seat and pedals.

Before competing with the newly introduced 2023 BMW M4 GT4, the McLaren Artura GT4 will make its public debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed on June 23. It will cost approximately £10,000 more than the street-legal supercar, or a cool £200,000, before options.


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