Soludo ridicules Peter Obi and asserts that the LP's efforts will be in futile.

According to Anambra Governor Chukwuma Soludo, people who dream of winning the general elections in 2023 under the banner of new political parties are fools.

He made it clear that individuals who joined the Labour Party (LP), such as the party's nominee for president, Peter Obi, will have wasted their time and effort in 2023.

The Governor was quoted as saying that a political party that does not have a councillor has nothing to offer.

On the weekend, he met with members of the APGA at the Governor's Lodge in Amawbia, which is located in the Awka South Local Government Area.

He talked about the recent APGA members who switched to the Labour Party (LP) and said that APGA was still the strongest party in the State.

Notable politicians in the state, such as the former National Chairman of APGA, Chief Victor Umeh, defected to the LP in order to pursue their senatorial ambitions after alleging that party leaders conspired against them in order to prevent him from picking the party's candidate for the position he wanted.Soludo was quoted as saying, "It is unfortunate that the people who left had to leave; why would one leave a party that he had labored so hard to build?" It is not beneficial to exert effort for nothing.

"However, they will not be running for office in the upcoming elections. In Anambra's election, APGA will face competition from a number of other political parties. As Nigeria moves closer and closer to the general elections in 2023, APGA maintains its position as the third party in the country.


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The voting process does not take place on WhatsApp or the internet. You are required to be on the ground. The APGA has a presence both here and elsewhere. How can a party that does not currently have any representation on the council want to compete with us?

"We are strong, and we are getting stronger all the time, and we have a real chance of winning in Abia. We will compete vigorously everywhere we go."

We will begin our campaign as soon as it does, and by the time we reach January of the following year, we will have a good idea of which candidates are still in the running.

The people of Anambra will realize that although we anticipate a resounding victory this time, we will not take anything for granted.

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