Although the Salt Giant's attack is totally random

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Although the Salt Giant is a level 19 World Boss, based on his attack patterns alone it's an more simple World Boss to start with than Rudric. There aren't any of his moves that cause any debuff effects nor long-lasting stuns Lost Ark Gold. To top it all off the Salt Giant is pretty slow making him simple to kite and avoid.

A basic melee attack, Salt Giant winds up and attacks across the room with his fist.

Salt Giant's "Salt Sprinkler" move will only occur randomly during the second stage of this battle, after you've knocked down a significant quantity of his overall health down.

If you are having trouble moving out of the Salt Giant's range, popping one or two Swiftness Robes is a good idea. While the Salt Giant is not weak to damage of any kind, Flash Grenades will still be able to do some decent damage to give you a leg up. Although the Salt Giant's attack is totally random, if you don't have a team to defeat him Luterra's Horn may prove beneficial to draw some of his rage away so that you can get some decent hits, particularly if you are a melee-type class.

How To Defeat The Salt Giant

Salt Huge sprays salt off his palm in order to strike a player

Overall it is clear that overall, the Salt Giant is a perfect World Boss to start with to complete to complete the "Boss Hunter: Novice" achievement challenge. While its attacks are incredibly powerful and deadly, they're easy to dodge if you travel around him in a circular motion clockwise around him and only attack when his back is towards you. Once you've got your patterns of attack, avoiding the attacks will be an easy task.

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