How should i clean the home 2021?

Cleaning includes many processes like dusting, vacuuming, mopping. All these steps should be done at one time only rather than cleaning the different spaces separately.

1) Decide to clean the whole house, not a single room


Cleaning includes many processes like dusting, vacuuming, mopping. All these steps should be done at one time only rather than cleaning the different spaces separately. Doing this task will help one clean every space properly without starting the whole process all over again. 

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2) Take all the cleaning tools in the bucket


 One must have a bucket or caddy to carry all the tools and cleanser all along. The bucket will make things easier without wasting time searching for the things to clean the room or corner.


3) Clear all the clutter 


The step is essential; one must clear everything messed up in the room, like newspapers, shoes, magazines, etc., before even starting cleaning or mopping. The clutter should be donated or tossed away from the house to make the space for other things.


4) Dusting and Vacuum


Before cleaning the floor, first clean all the ceiling fans, shelves, wardrobes, showpiece items, and chandeliers. For the areas that one cannot reach, use the ladder or upper shelves to reach and clean the space with the help of a broom or mop tied with the cloth.


5) Clean mirrors and glass 


One should wipe and clean all the glass windows and mirrors with a damp cloth followed by dry cloth wiping to remove all the dirt from the surfaces of the things.

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6) Clean and disinfect the countertops and other surfaces.


One should wipe all the hard surfaces like countertops, appliances, cabinets, doorknobs, light switches, telephones, etc. one should also disinfect all these areas to kill all the harmful germs. The disinfectant can be made at home by using a half cup of vinegar along with a cup of water.


7) Thoroughly clean tubs, sinks, and toilets


Use the spray cleaners to clean the kitchen sinks, and for bathroom sinks, tubs, and toilet pots, use the toilet cleaner to clean the surface. Leave the cleanser for a few minutes and then scrub to remove stains properly. In the kitchen, one must clean ovens, grillers, and all the utensils properly. 


8) Sweep and mop the floor


After all the scrubbing and cleaning, sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors. Mop the floors with backward and forward movement and rinse the mop several times to clean the floor properly.


9) Use a vacuum cleaner or broom to clean

From every nook and cranny, take out the dust and dirt with the help of a broom or vacuum, also clean the carpets and mats using them. Along with this process, one can do washing rugs and bath mats once every month for tidy surroundings.


10) Clean the cleaning tools 

After cleaning the whole house, one must clean all the tools used to remove all the dirt and bacteria attached to it. Washing of tools is essential as it may cause diseases or mold growth if not washed properly.


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