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Welcome to WiNi.NG Social Network Ltd Community where you can be earning N5,000 to N20,000 every day at the comfort of your home with your Smart phone or computer just by Reading News, Sharing Sponsored Posts on Facebook & Instagram, Login in to your wini account daily, commenting on posts, Reacting on posts, posting relevant Articles like news updates, gossip, sport etc, to maximize your earning, you can use your Referral link Click Here To Get It via your account to invite your friends and family to earning 75% upto N2,250 on each person you referred if its N3,000 plan or 75% of any package on each person you refer to our social community once the person upgrade to Pro Click Here To Upgrade
Wini is a social network that doesn't require selling of products,
You do common task your used to on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and get paid here,
Wini is registered under CAC as WINI/NDS SOCIAL NETWORK LTD (RC 1608648)
Watch This Video Below, You Will Learn Everything About WiNi in 55mins
and Her MISSION is to solve financial problem using the power of online
NB: ( Our Pro Package Has Changed, Check Our Upgrading Packages, this means you can now upgrade to Pro as Low as N500 2week N800 3 weeks Trial plans but not advisable because it will expired before the time , is just for some people who want to test how the earning works However, if you want to get paid, you go for a higher Pro Plans But we recommend Gold Pro Plan of N3,000 as this is the best to Get Paid over N10,000 monthly after you cash out) This is to make WiNi Community stronger so to have many option in other for our members to find it flexible to join the Pro Users.
This also applied when you refer Any one using your referral link, you will earn 75% of the Total Package your referral purchased to upgrade to Pro.
But is always advise to go for Life time Plan so you won't have to worry upgrading again.
However' Referring is 100% Optional
we understand you want to make as much money as possible using our platform so we advice you post current news, add the full body massage to your post, cover photo to allow other users share your post to social communities e.g WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter etc

NB: Our ideal is to share collective advert revenue generated on wini with all our users depending on your activities so go ahead explore your talent if you no how to read news then here is free for you to start making money.
If you no how to write Article then here is open for you to make money,
 NB: We recommend You Upgrade to Pro immediately after you created your Free account
Reasons are, Points for Pro Users are Higher and for Free User are very Small and you have limited 1,000 points daily to earn but if you upgrade, you can Earn up to 500k points daily so don't waist your time testing our platform before you upgrade to Pro, WiNi.ng have been TESTED & CONFIRMED THAT ITS PAYS, Since February 2019
See Below The Benefit of Pro
Take This Steps To Start Earning Once You Sign UP
Step 1: Start Adding Other Users So You Can Start Seeing more Activities to engage in on your newsfeed, the more people you follow the more post you get to see and the more points you make, in-fact once you see any post by any one start by follow that person cos he mighty have more other post for you to engage with.
GET STARTED: if you want to Make Money on This Platform Follow this Steps below
Step 1: You May need to Follow other Users, you may just follow few userss in other to start seeing much posts on your timeline to engage with,
Step 2: Upload your profile photo so people can see your real or if you request for payment you won't get paid if you don't follow common terms.
Step 3: start reacting to post from other users for each post you react to You will Earn 50 point.
Step 4: Start commenting from other users post for each post you comments on, You will Earn 80 point.
Step 5: if you have Laptop or you can use your phone to Write Article then start writing good Article Post and You will Earn 1,000 - 2,000 point for each Article you Write thou some days it may increase or reduced, However follow the Terms for writing Articles or you wont get paid.
Step 6: Login to your wini.ng account daily and earn points
* Pro Users: now Earn Daily Login 5,000 points
While *Free Users: Earn 100 points only
Step 7: Share Sponsored Posts to facebook & instagram and earn each day 10,000 points only for Pro Users
NB: For You To Be Paid of Your Points Monthly You will have to Share Sponsored Post To Facebook & instagram daily as is Available daily or Periodically even if you are a Free User You will need to Share the Sponsored Post, each sponsored post have direction on how to share it including video guide
Step 8: Open Article Post on the Blog and Earn points on each Article post you Open
* Pro Users: Earn 200 points when you view Each Article post
* Free Users: Earn 100 points when you view Each Article post
So now you can Upgrade to Pro if your still a Free Users to Add more Value to Your Points Earning
Step 9: Sharing Sponsored Posts Daily is Compulsory CLICK HERE to See posts to share & Earn your 10k points daily
Refer each person using your Affiliate link and get paid, when you share your referral link to friends and any one that clicks on it to sign up on wini.ng will automatically be under you but it won't show on your Affiliate account untill the person upgrades to Pro, you will automatically receive 75% of the Total Amount Package he/she Purchase to Upgrade and you can withdraw it once you reach ₦1,000 and Above as Affiliate withdrawal Threshold
This Features Below is Coming Soon
1 : start sharing Article post using facebook, WhatsApp share button unlimitedly and earn 200 - 1000 points
You will also earn 15,000 Points on 60minutes Video You Watch.
More Earning Features are Loading Just Keep visiting WiNi.ng
Right & Terms of  Use

We Convert 100 Points to NGN1 Now
NB: we reserve the right to increase or reduce the points depending on our ads revenue on each day, reasons is we intend to stay as long as human exist so to serve you better we develop our points earning system in such away that is been control as we get more advert partners it increases but if the number of our advert partner decreases the points reduced during the time we share revenue to users.
some other sites will make there points or money higher to gain traffic but after all, they won't pay there users there earned money but here we forbids it, once you follow all our rules without trespassing, be rest assured that you will get paid
Pls make sure you comply to our Terms of use, Violation to this Term will reduce your point of Earning or wipe all your earning without any noticed;
You must make your post more clear by adding full post and Cover image for all your friends and other user who may want to read your post to understand the massage of your post, Click Here To See How Your Article should Look Like
If Your Looking for where to Write Your Article in Other To Earn Click Here To Write Your Own Article Check Screenshots Below
Check Screenshots 1
Check Screenshots 2
More Earning Features are Available on Pro Package if you Upgrade as low as N1,000 and Above Click Here To Upgrade
You can be making higher Points on your Activities, so we advice you Upgrade.... so you can earn higher points daily

Pls make sure you comply
We're aware you do not understand our concept of earning that's why we're here to assist you maximize your earning.
NB: Report any post or comments that violate our Terms of Use, Because if you don't it will affect your points and earning, do you no any time you reach withdrawal Threshold and request for withdraw, WiNi Support Team will review all your activitie and if 20% of your activities goes against our Terms of use then we shall deduct 80% of your points and delete all the post that violate and that will reduce the points and money of other users who commented and like on that post.
You see reason why you most report any post and don't participate in such post that goes against our terms of use, so our advertisers will find wini.ng user friendly and that will bring more revenue to share among us,
WiNi D.O.N.T__ D.O__T.H.I.S
1: Do Not Comment on each Post two times is not allowed
2: Do Not Repeat Same Post in other to earn more points is not allowed
3: Do Not Post useless Content in any kind and always Write Article Post if you want to post, instead of normal Post to share more news, gossip, stories sports updates etc
4: Do Not Post un-arranged Article they are not allowed make all your Article post clear and understandable e.g post Tittle and Little Description, full massage of the Article then cover image to allow wini.ng users to engage in your post if not in order, it will be deleted and you loose your points
5: Do Not Post pictures or contents you do not have right to or you make sure giving credit to the author or source of the contents, you are 100% responsible for any Copyright infringement.
6: Do Not leave a short comments in other to earn points e.g Nice, wow, ok, good etc and Do Not Copy and Paste Other Users Comments, they are forbidden here,
7: Do Not share link from other web site or it will be deleted or Do not post Anything rather than Article News

AFFILIATE SYSTEM PAYMENT: We Now Pay Referral Bonus Monthly

POINTS SYSTEM PAYMENT : We pay points months end and people will start to receive their alert, but you will need to request before 14h of that month or it will consider next month withdrawal if after 14th e.g if you want to be paid ending of a particular month of November you will need to cashout may be 13th or 14th then your name will be among people that will be paid on that same month ending but if you withdraw from 15th of that month of November for instance, then your withdrawal will be consider on the list of December which will be the Next month, with minimum Withdrawal Threshold of NGN 5,000 & Above

NB: We pay even if you don't Refer any one And Have it in Mind that we only Share Revenue Generated on the site as points so the more you click on the Sponsored Ads the more we Gain More revenue to pay or after we finish paying the revenue we generated on that month the remaining unpaid users will be carried over to the next month pay day to be paid first before newly requested users only on points.

NBAffiliate/ Refer bonus is being paid in 100% to both Free & Pro Users

1:  If Your Requesting for Payment UP To NGN10,000, and above and you want it to be  paid, You most Be A Gold Pro or Bronze User of LifeTime Plan NGN 3,000 or NGN 8,000 This is Because we want to Last as long as Human exist.

Once you request for Payment after reaching Withdrawal Threshold, Our WiNi Team will review all your activities and if above & below mention violation of our terms where found under your activities, we shall reduce your points which our system have calculated as an offensive Activities to Our Terms of Use which you have read and accepted why Creating your account and after reducing the affected points if the remaining points gets up to withdrawal Threshold then we shall proceed to PayU The Balance, but if not the remaining points shall return back to your account as we shall decline your withdrawal request.

2: if 5 of your post goes against our community standard then we shall proceed by deleting all your post of which the points you earned on them Will Get removed automatically Plus Penalty of 20,000 Points will be Charged.
3: We want everyone to upload the screenshot alert to there various timeline. So more people will see it without asking for evidence.
NB: if you received payment from Wini.ng the previous month and refused to upload the screenshot of the alert then consider your withdrawal Request Gets Declined when next you request.
NB: also use our official hash tag #winipay when posting your alert screenshot so it will get in one single hashtag.
1: Referral Bonus with 100% Payout & can Cashout over N200k monthly
2: Bronze Plan with over 70% Payout & can Cashout over N30k monthly
3Gold Members with over 60% Payout & can Cashout over N10k monthly
4: Higher Earners (N20K & above) with Over 55% Payout
5: DIAMOND PRO  Members with with over 50% Payout
6: The Remaining Pro will be paid Gradually, Turn by Turn, So if the Revenue generated for that month got exhausted, The remaining Pending withdrawal will Rollover to Next month Payment Day to be Paid to the remaining withdrawals. 
However, we advise If you want to enjoy Fast Cashout, Go for GOLD Plan
or BRONZE Pls if you Need to ask any question refer to our Support +2349077445115 (Phone Call Only) or CLICK HERE to Chat WiNi Support WhatsApp Support Here
We run this website and permits its use according to the following terms and conditions:

Last updated on: 10 Jan , 2020