10 Hardest Platformer Video Games Of All Time Ranked

Platformers, especially retro ones, are usually difficult, but these ten games go much beyond that in terms of difficulty.

Platformers, especially retro ones, are usually difficult, but these ten games go much beyond that in terms of difficulty.

Many people ignore outstanding titles that avoid AAA gaming traditions in this modern era of video gaming, when style typically takes precedence over substance. The majority of gamers believe the platformer genre is dead or locked in the past, however this is not the case.

While platformers can be enjoyable, some developers take it to the next level by providing new obstacles, while others create almost unbeatable courses that will undoubtedly shorten the lives of their fellow gamers. Platformers are, in reality, among the most difficult games of all time.

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels, which began as a browser-based flash game and gained traction in the mid-2010s, was noted for its ragdolls, gore, and rage-inducing situations.

In the game, players take control of a number of characters, each with their own unique method of transportation, and attempt to complete the level without suffering any deadly damage from a range of bizarre obstacles. The majority of these levels are fan-made, and there are approximately 10,000,000 of them as of 2021. A downloadable sequel is in the works, and fans can play a Javascript recreation of the original game instead of Flash, which has been disabled.

Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Players guide Diogenes up an increasingly abstract mountain with only a sledgehammer inside a pot. It's easier said than done, as one misstep could result in the game being restarted from the beginning, as there are no checkpoints.

Playtesters required an average of five hours to complete the game, according to the developer, who stated that the game was meant for "a certain kind of person, to harm them." It was inspired by a strange flash game called Sexy Hiking.

Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

The Lost Levels is similar to the original game in terms of gameplay and sprites, but the stage layouts are different. The game punishes players from the start because it takes a lot of trial and error to get everything properly. Mario and Luigi have differing characteristics as well, with Luigi being more "slippery" and able to jump higher, making him more prone to mistakes. Invisible obstacles and toxic mushrooms can kill or shrink the player in some levels. This game is known among fans as the series' "black sheep."


Battletoads is arguably the most challenging NES game ever, with seizure-inducing levels and adversaries that appear out of nowhere, similar to a mix of Contra and Double Dragon. After level two, the game becomes near-impossible, and the "Turbo Tunnel" is a speedrunner's worst nightmare and one of the most difficult levels in video game history. This one will undoubtedly appeal to masochists.

Super Ghouls N' Ghosts

This game is similar to a 2D Dark Souls. The princess has been stolen by the Demon Emperor in the third installment of the series, and Arthur must save her. He fights fearsome adversaries and sub-bosses on his path to the ghoul realm, and he sometimes fights in his undies.

The game's notable difficulty originates from the fact that even two hits from foes can kill you. In addition, players must complete the game twice in order to obtain a secret item and the genuine ending.


Celeste's masterful storytelling should be the gold standard in the present day. Players empathize with the protagonist as they attempt to conquer Celeste Mountain while battling mental illness in the form of physical opponents.

It's simple to pick up but challenging to master in terms of gameplay. The stages start out simple, but later in the game, additional concepts are introduced that put a wrench in the gears and can trip up even the most seasoned platformer players.


The original Rayman game necessitates near-perfect skill. Don't be fooled by the innocent appearance of the artwork. Rayman, which was first launched on the PlayStation One (PSX), has five different levels. Its gameplay was similar to Donkey Kong Country, but with a lot of murderous fruits and vegetables added by cruel developers.

The easiest parts are the excessive vine climbing and fruit jumping. The stage where the water level increases and Rayman needs to reach the top is so horrifying that it makes you want to pee your pants.


Cuphead's final battle with the boss.

Cuphead's stunning hand-drawn imagery and meticulous attention to detail pay homage to the early days of animation. While it's beautiful to look at, it's a challenge to play, thanks in large part to the game's different bosses.

It's crucial to know their assault patterns if you want to beat them. It all boils down to reaction speed and parrying abilities, but that's easier said than done, making this an especially challenging task for even the most experienced players.

Super Meat Boy

Gameplay of the video game Super Meat Boy.

Prepare to stomp on your consoles and computers. Super Meat Boy is a game similar to Impossible Game, but with 300 levels of wall-jumping and evading saws. If that isn't enough, they throw in some lasers and rising water at the end to ensure you don't have time to think about your next move or even take a breath.

The unlockable characters, each with unique abilities that can be employed to defeat Warp Zones or bonus levels, are one of the game's best features.

I Wanna Be The Guy

The levels of IWBTG are actually meant to kill the player as much as possible in order to torture them. The goal is to memorize each spike, obstacle, and platform, but only gamers with godlike reflexes and IQ can even complete the first half of the level.

One hit is all it takes to blow the player's intestines out. Also, the difficulty level chosen by the player has no bearing on the gameplay; the lower the difficulty level, the more save points there are.


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