Recap of Batang Quiapo with Synopsis and Cast.


The November 13, 2023 episode of FPJ's Batang Quiapo picks up where the previous episode left off, with Olga (Lovi Poe) still in shock after learning that Bubbles (Coco Martin) is alive and in Quiapo. Meanwhile, Bubbles is trying to find a way to get back to Olga and his family, but he is being hunted by the police and the syndicate.


The episode begins with Olga in her room, staring at the photo of Bubbles. She is still in disbelief that he is alive. She thinks about all the times she thought he was dead, and how she has moved on with her life without him. But now that he is back, she is not sure what to do.

Meanwhile, Bubbles is in Quiapo, trying to figure out how to get back to Olga. He knows that the police and the syndicate are looking for him, so he has to be careful. He goes to see his old friend, Mang Teban (Juan Rodrigo), who helps him to get a new job and a new place to live.

Olga eventually decides to go to Quiapo to find Bubbles. She knows that it is dangerous, but she needs to see him. She goes to Mang Teban's house, and he tells her where Bubbles is working.

Olga goes to the place where Bubbles is working, and she sees him from afar. She is so happy to see him alive. But before she can go to him, she is stopped by the police. The police have been tipped off that Bubbles is in Quiapo, and they are there to arrest him.

Bubbles sees Olga being arrested, and he runs to help her. But he is surrounded by the police, and he is arrested as well.


  • Coco Martin as Bubbles
  • Lovi Poe as Olga
  • Juan Rodrigo as Mang Teban
  • Ian Veneracion as Don Roman
  • John Prats as Tanggol
  • Dimples Romana as Lourdes
  • Lito Lapid as Chief Delgado
  • Mark Lapid as Insp. Santos
  • Rommel Padilla as Father Ramon
  • AJ Muhlach as Jojo
  • Kristel Fulgar as Jenny
  • Vina Morales as Susan
  • Bianca Umali as Isabel


The episode ends with Bubbles and Olga being arrested by the police. It is unclear what will happen to them next, but it is clear that their love for each other is stronger than ever.

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