Depression Part 1: Knowing what this is

Are you always feeling depressed? Read will help alot. Trust me

Feeling Blue? Me too

We all get sad. It's natural because we feel and have emotions. It's not weakness to show sadness. It not weakness to cry or feel hurt. It's all natural and very good and important to show how we feel instead of keeping them all bottled and corked up inside. But the issue comes where we have deep depressions, not being able to recover from depressions or having them too frequently. To clarify, everyone gets depressed. Everyone once in a while feels this feel seated emptiness and sadness and beings to question everything in the world and themselves as well. So if this happens to you, don't worry, you're not the only one.

When we are depressed, nothing really seems to be worth it anymore. You become the worst pessimist and just have that grey storm cloud over your head ( literally). The funny thing is that most times we don't even know why we are depressed. We just can't seem to connect it with any sad event or trauma. It just comes like a bad case of pox. Well, whether we know the genesis or not, the issue is that dwelling to often or to deep in depression can cause some serious damage to mental health, physical health and social life. There are no two ways about it. Being sad makes other people around you feel sad too. Then before you know it, it spreads like a flu.

Depression can have many root causes. Sometimes it's linked to not feeling any self worth or not measuring up to certain standards. It might be a very sad event that just seem to roll into your mind often, feeling left out, feeling that no one understands you, feeling unappreciated... the list is endless. And these are all very natural things to feel and very good reasons to get upset if you ask me. But the issue still remains dwelling on these for too long. We can feel sad but not depressed. These are two very different feelings. 

Sadness is the opposite of happiness. And just like happiness, it comes and goes. No matter how much we try to stay happy, we still end up being bummer out. Sadness is a temporary feeling. It's something that you can easily bounce back from. It's like taking your kid to the supermarket and he/ she wants a lolipop and you say no and then your kid gets sad. Then when he/she gets home and probably watches a funny program, his/her spirits lift and she cheers up and forgets all about the lolipop incident. That is sadness in perfect play. 

Depression on the other hand comes as a result of over dwelling on sad thoughts and giving then more attributes than usual. Sometimes the things we get depressed about are things we can easily patch up but we are to engrossed in our grief to do anything about it and you end up being stuck in the same sad sorry state for a verrrrrryyyyyy long time. The worst part of it all is that all the negativity turns outward and we hurt ourselves because we are depressed. This is where suicidal thoughts and violent actions against ourselves and others comes in. The longer we dwell, the more we damage our mental health and we begin to break down and fade away then...POOF!... you're gone. We need to fix this. This is not the way and I'm here to help with that. Please if this affects you, stay tuned for more on this topic..

Just keep in mind, that you are going to be more than Ok.

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