Loneliness: What is it?

Ever felt sad and lonely. Then read this.

Lonely...I am so lonely....I have nobody.....

Many at times we feel like we are the only ones in the world. We feel so disconnected. We feel like no one understands us and we isolate ourselves. Loneliness can make affect the strongest of us so don't feel bad if you feel it. It's natural. Sometimes it's caused by loss. When we lose that person that makes us feel warm and welcome, that one person that really understands us. It could be a friend or family member or lover.

Loneliness is something that can really set on apart from human society because it makes the person feel alienated. On a planet with billions of people, one can very well seem to be alone. The person feels disconnected and feels people don't understand him or her and sometimes the person will refuse to get involved in society, will isolate and begins to feel even more lonely then next is that it can slip into depression.

Loneliness and Depression go very much in hand. When you get lonely, you get depressed and when your depressed and isolate, you feel lonely. Solitude is good every now and then. It's vital to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and just be alone. That isn't loneliness but a time to have privacy and think some certain things over without human interference. That can be seen as connecting with ones inner self. It's good for mental health and vitality.

Loneliness and feeling lonely is just the opposite. It's is a killer of spirit, drainer of positive aura and snuffer of optimism. It's something we need to solve so that the human spirit isn't weighed down. 

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