One person is responsible for purchasing pick, vial, tinderbox

One person is responsible for purchasing pick, vial, tinderbox


One person is responsible for purchasing pick, vial, tinderbox, and a hatchet at the start of each stage. They can use them for OSRS Gold specific doors. BOSS is a name that players use when they discovers the boss. They then notify all the other players, and everyone looks at their maps. Then they rush to grab the boss in a matter of seconds.

NEVER idle using a key. Pick up a key and then run around looking for the door by using your map. If the room you highlighted isn't on your map, then you do not require the key. It is possible to finish each floor in a maximum of three minutes if you follow this strategy.

Although supply and demand are supposed to determine the price of an item listed on Grand Exchange, sometimes it isn't so important. First examples I'm able to think of are: A complete set of black armour (8,873 grams). A full length set of black armour I offer through the Grand Exchange is never left un-sold. It is sold at the highest price. It is not possible to get a supply if buy an entire set of black armour at the Grand Exchange. There are many people who insist on "buying the full black" at the Grand Exchange. Although demand exceeds supply however, the G.E. price doesn't go up. It's been like that for quite a while.

Cheese (108 grams). Cheese doesn't last more than one second after being put up for sale before it is sold. Demand is much higher than the quantity. But cheese stays fixed at 108 grams.

Other examples: Pie dish (103 grams). Blue wizard hat (102 grp). Raw chicken (160 gp). Redberries (102 gp) were last fixed at 102 GBP up until recently. The reason for this was that demand was greater than the supply. For a long time, blue dye and yellow dye were Grand-Exchange-priced much lower than Buy RS3 Gold demand would suggest. A small fishing net (140gp). Bronze arrows don't last more than a second after they've been sold to Grand Exchange.


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