Julius Erving Wife’s Dorýs Madden Biography

NBA legend Julius Erving is well known for his contribution to American professional basketball.

NBA legend Julius Erving is well known for his contribution to American professional basketball. He is considered a valuable player of the NBA and one of the influential players of all time. Do you know he married Turquoise Erving and had four children with her? But later, he started an affair with a woman named Dorýs Madden. Later he divorced his first wife and married Dorýs Madden. Also, he has four children with her. She has attended many events with her wonderful husband and also her children. Here we are going to see lots of facts about the beautiful Julius Erving Wife – Dorýs Madden.

Dorýs Madden

Dorýs Madden came to the limelight after she became the wife of the legendary player Julius Winfield Erving II. He is seventy-one years old now. Madden is fifty years old. She is a successful businesswoman from Honduras. Also, she comes from Mestizos ethnicity. She was born on October 17, 1969. Then her family moved to America and settled in Florida. In Florida, she worked in a Tobacco product retail store before her relationship with Erving.

Madden met Erving when he separated from his first wife. He already had four children with his wife, Turquoise Erving, whom he divorced in 2003. Also, in 2000, he lost his son named Cory to an accident where he drowned and died. This was a shocking day of his life.

Then in 2003, he met Dorýs Madden. They had a son named Justin Kangas out of wedlock. Then he married Madden in 2008 and had three more children with her. Now they are a family of four.


The Career and Fame of Julius Erving

Erving is a famous basketball player. He is commonly nicknamed Dr. J. Also, he legitimized the American Basketball Association (ABA). He is one of the game’s best dunkers. He is from East Meadow, New York, and was born on February 22, 1950.

From his early years, he was interested in basketball because he joined the basketball team in Roosevelt High School. Then in 1968, he played two varsity college basketball seasons at the University of Massachusetts.

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