✍️🤣WORD OF WISDOM FOR YALL🤣✍️ 👩You jumped..
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👩You jumped into bed with Him because you both had CHEMISTRY.⚗️🍑🍆

Okay, when BIOLOGY🍆🍑 Happens, Hope He Has The FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING To Take Care Of Your HOME ECONOMICS.💰

Especially With The ECONOMICS of this present Region of GEOGRAPHY Called Africa.💰🤝✍️

👩Young Girl, First do the MATHEMATICS, Analyze His COMMERCE.✍️📗📚

🤷‍♀️Forget Grammar whether He Speaks ENGLISH LANGUAGE or FRENCH then with these STATISTICS, Carry out a SOCIAL STUDY Of Our Present GOVERNMENT To be Sure Before Entering.🗣️🍆

✍️Make Sure That Your PHYSICS Defy the Laws Of Weakness. Prepare Yourself Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally And Financially, If not, Your Life Will Turn Into a LITERATURE for others to read And Learn⚖️✍️