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In an effort to promote recycling and reduce waste, a group of environmentalists decided to organize a protest outside a major shopping mall. Armed with their homemade placards and catchy slogans, they were determined to make a statement and raise awareness about the importance of sustainable living.

As they gathered outside the mall, their chants of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" could be heard from miles away. Passersby stopped to take pictures and admire their dedication to the cause.

But things took an unexpected turn when the protesters realized they had forgotten something crucial- a garbage bin. As they began to accumulate their empty water bottles and discarded snack wrappers, they quickly realized they had nowhere to dispose of their waste.

In a moment of panic, they frantically searched the area for a bin, but to no avail. Finally, one member came up with a brilliant solution- they could simply stuff their trash into a nearby mailbox.

With no better option, they eagerly stuffed their garbage in the mailbox and congratulated themselves on their ingenuity. But their triumph was short-lived when a postal worker arrived and informed them that they had just vandalized a federal mailbox.

As they were being carted away by the police, the protestors couldn't help but chuckle at the irony of their situation. After all, they had so desperately sought to reduce waste, only to unknowingly commit a federal offense in the process.

Lesson learned- in the fight for environmental sustainability, always be sure to pack a trash bag.