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https://theclickerguy.com/ is a product photographer in Mumbai. He is serving many huge brands with his product photography skills. But let’s say you are a beginner photographer who’s probably clicking nice photos but now wants to make a career in product photography? Now how do you do that? Well, firstly you need to plan things and go step by step. Before you just jump into the industry and begin as a freelancer or start working for huge brands, you’ll need to clear a few things in your mind.

Although product photography is clicking good photos of a product, it’s not just clicking a good photo of a product. It is more about conveying through your photos making it stand out.
Expectations will always lead you to disappointments. Many beginner photographers want to enter the industry in the hope to make it big or are just fascinated by the world around them. The differentiation between a photographer and a professional photographer is very thin. They both can click photos but only a professional can convey through those photos and make money out of it.
As a beginner don’t hope for anything in return. Just practice your art without any expectations and you can make it big too. A photo can’t give you a thing if you just ask for it, but can do wonders if you wholeheartedly just serve a photo. And to do it you must know some basics of product photography. If you master the basics, the rest is your skills and talent to create something new and unique. At last, all that matters is how unique your photo is and why people will leave the existing one to see yours.
One of the major importance of a product is the online shopping world. The majority of the consumers now tend to love shopping online and over 905 of them believe in the photo that they see on the website. Good image quality plays an essential role in driving a consumer to a sale. No one would like to buy a product that does not look good in the photo itself.

Now let’s begin with the procedure of product photography. To begin the actual shoot, the organization and planning of your setup are important.

You already know what the product is. Though it may be your equipment, props or lighting, plan everything well in advance accordingly. This will help you save your time and focus on the shoot more. Well-organized shoots always help in boosting your productivity as all your focus is to shoot and everything is already taken care of.

You must decide your angle and product placement already as every product will require different types of angles and every angle will require different types of lenses and lighting. Changing your lights, lenses or camera while shooting will distract you and create chaos during the shoot. This may sabotage your productivity and you’ll not be able to pull it off with your utmost skills.

Product placement is also important when shooting in a group. A smaller product if placed behind the bigger one, may just not pop in the final photo. Always place your product with respect to size, weight and colors.

The studio used to shoot the product must be clean. A dirty studio may dull your photos with dirt or dust. It may also affect your setup and equipment. A clean vacant room must be used to shoot the products.

Also, maintaining your equipment is important on a regular basis. Camera equipment is really expensive and if not maintained with care, its quality might just get deteriorated.

A tripod is very important in product photography as it gives your hands room to manage the setup. A product photography shoot goes on for a long time and also needs constant changes in the lighting or setup. Now shooting with a camera in your hand would just add up to your troubles and long shoots might irritate you. Using a tripod will give you the freedom and relaxation to move around the setup and work efficiently.

Now as you start with product photography you will realize there are times when you click a photo from the front angle and then move the camera to the top angle. Product photography needs these two types of angels for sure. So it’s always better to have a dual-camera setup. One camera will be placed at the front angle and the other will be placed on the top. The top camera will allow you to take table-top photos and this way you can simultaneously shoot and capture two photos. This way you are not just dependent on the camera’s battery as it just reduced almost 50% of your time and energy.

Zoom lenses and Macro lenses are ideal to shoot a product. They allow you to shoot crisp, sharp, detailed and color-popping images.

These are just basic beginners tips and you can always experiment according to your skills and talent.

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Specialized Best Food Photographer | Professional Photographer In Mumbai India

Specialized Best Food Photographer | Professional Photographer In Mumbai India

Faisal Shaikh TheClickerGuy is one the Best Professional Food photographer Stylist in Mumbai and shoot over all in India.