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A child who just happened to lose his mother, cried uncontrollably-looking at everyone around her, she is tired of life, looking at the sky above, she is lost in thought - she is heartbroken.
A young man after writing down his dreams in glee that after some additional years at his workplace, he would be able to stand as a The man received his sack letter in the early hours the following day at his workplace.
A lady after several years in a relationship in which she only hope it would end in a proposal for marriage came back to see a neatly fold missive on her table: "Am sorry Rose, I wish you would forgive me, I have no choice but to say Goodbye. I pray you find a man deserving a kind heart like you. Take care. From your Love. Danny. She is heartbroken and lost in thought. could not control the tears streaming down her eyes.
People faced heartbreak each day. From lost, in marital homes, at our place of work, in our relationship. But the power to overcome and bear the heartbreak that follows is all about us.
Heartbreak can result in suicide, it can ultimately result in loss of memory, it can result in lost of focus, which may lead to personal accident, death and paralyzed vision. No one can bring back what is completely gone. We just have to get determined, focus on the future before us, stay strong and move on. But how can we bear Our Heartbreak when we face them? how can we stay focus after being hit by such an unexpected eventuality? it is not so a big task to do, it is all about you. it's a choice only can it be weaved by you.
Here are the best solutions one can implore oneself through such hard moments:

RELAXATION: Heartbreak can cause shock, which may result in loss of vision, fainting, loss of control over one mind. On hearing a shocking news, or on receiving a shocking letter, or a news which could impentrably caused damage to your focus. The first thing you should do is to relax. Breath in, Breath out. Put away the thought immediately. Leave the spot you receive the news immediately.
RUN A WARM SHOWER: The human temperament is best regulated in water, submerging your body in water can create peace in your mind without your knowledge. Warm water soothes the body, mind, and nerves. According to Neil Morris, a psychologist at the University of Wolverhampton in the United Kingdom, bathing in warm water can significantly advance general psychological wellness. In difficult times like Heartbreak, run a warm shower and stay longer under the fallen spring. It leaves your senses refreshed with anew thought and clear mind for some time.
CALL A CLOSE FRIEND. Majority of the world human self-suicidal mission has been terminated by friends. And happiness and hope are sometimes best found on the lips of good friends. In times of Heartbreak, Call a friend, and talk to them. Wallow in any jokes of any kind from them. Keep the call running for some minutes.By so doing your heart is already refreshed with happiness for a moment and keeps your mind alive towards the future.

SEE A COMEDY: No matter the heart of a Man, how hard it may seem, a person can make it happy. Laughter is the best medicine for a depressed soul. Being depressed or heartbroken, see a comedy, and flow in its ccontents. Laugh out your tears, laugh out your depression. No happy man remembers his past. And a happy man is hopeful for tomorrow

VISIT A FRIEND: The need to have good and caring friends is so essential to man. Out of 5 friends, know one. Let him/her understands your plight, and weakness. Trust no friend but believe in a friend. A Friend is man's closest brother. Having some difficult time? like heartbreak? Visit a friend. Talk about your problem to him/her. A good friend is always there for you in times of depression.

TRY SLEEPING: Like ale in a man's eyes, half of his sorrow is buried. Just like sleep, all sorrows are half buried in the dream world. Get some sleep. Rest for some time and wake to the dawn of the day's blazing moment. Sleep is very essential. It renewed your heart, Your subconcious, your vision and spark you up with anew thought freshen alive from heavens. A heartbroken person hardly remember what happe when he wakes up. sleep rejuvenates the mind

SEE A THERAPIST: Sometimes this is the best option for people who can't control their emotions when they face heartbreak. Since it may result in a thing more traumatic to their feelings. The best thing to do is to see a Therapist and share with him/her. They are always there to help you in times like this.

PLAY A GAME: Forgetfulness of oneself is attributed to things that keep one focus intact. You can never think about what is happening around you once you are engaged in a thrilling act that seems to suit your mind at present. A Person who plays games has no other thought in him but that of the game which he/she is playing. He/she wants to win, balancing his/her focus there. Play a game, such that captures your spirit.