- Theres more to marriage than the fantastic..

- There's more to marriage than the fantastic and lovely courtship.
- There's more to marriage than the shoppings and outings that feel like it should not end.
- There's more to marriage than the glamorous and breath-taking wedding ceremony.
- There's more to marriage than the great and long awaited sex on the wedding night.
- There's more to marriage than the honey moon in Dubai
- There's more to marriage than the sweet names you call each other.

After all these comes the REAL marriage. And what will make the real marriage either sweet or bitter is the CHARACTER of both parties.

Forget that he or she can speak in tongues for hours non-stop.
Forget that people fall under the anointing when he or she prays.
Forget that fire comes out of his mouth when he preaches.
The question is, what is his or her character in the home?

Many Christians are enduring their marriages but people are seeing their partners as angels, not knowing they are angels in the public, but devils at home. People envy their partners and wish to be in their shoes, not knowing that he or she is crying and praying to be single again.

The love, the care, the affection, the respect and spirituality he or she displays in the public is no where to be found in his or her home.

Dear Godly single, never make your choice based on what you see. Don't be deceived by the money, beauty, education and spirituality, these things are not reliable and may land you into a big mistake.

Go to God for His divine leading before making that choice, because He alone knows the heart of every man and knows the end of a thing from the beginning.