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The Top Five Countries That Have Produced More Football Stars

Football has been a game in which people love a lot and could possibly put their life at stake for any team they are in support with. And they have been a lot of great stars in the game hailing from different nationality. But do want to know the top five most producing football stars. Below are the countries:

5) Germany

Germany has produced player like Mesut Ozil, Thomas Muller amongst others.

4) England

This country is spotted number four in the list due to there rate of football stars productivity.

3) France

The World cup current holder was able to secure the trophy due to the football stars they had in the competition.

2) Spain

The second on the list has produced great players playing different roles and which makes their team complete.

We all waiting for the number one,but before that here are list of countries that has also been producing football stars:

1) Argentina

2) Italy

3) Netherlands

4) Belgium

In other not to waste time here is the number one:

1) Brazil

Being the country with the highest world cup trophy, Brazil is a country in which rumours carried it that Football originated from the country. And they have been the country with the highest producing football stars in my own point of view.

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