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Women in the Workplace: Sexism, Harassment & Hiding In Your Cubicle.
Ask any woman about her experiences in the workforce and she’ll probably respond with a long sigh, an exasperated eye roll and an honest answer about how hard it can be to succeed in a man’s world. Men still hold the majority of senior positions in business. This means that women are not only competing with their male counterparts for promotions and raises but also fighting against the outdated belief that men make better leaders. Regardless of whether you are a woman who works or is looking for work, there are some things you should know if you want to succeed in the current landscape of sexism, harassment and hiding in your cubicle.What's holding women back in the workplace?Studies have shown that even when women and men have the same qualifications for a job, managers are more likely to hire a man. This trend has led many to believe that bias is at play when it comes to hiring decisions. Perhaps it is a result of lingering stereotypes of women being less competent in the workplace, or managers having an unconscious bias that men make better leaders. Regardless of the reasoning behind it, this trend is holding women back. When it comes to promotions, managers tend to choose men over women for higher positions. This is partly because of the aforementioned stereotypes about women being less competent and partly because of the myth that women will have a lower commitment to their career due to their child-rearing duties.Sexual harassment in the workplaceSexual harassment in the workplace is nothing new, but unfortunately it’s also not going away anytime soon. It’s a serious problem that affects women in all industries, at all levels and even in positions of power. Sexual harassment can include unwelcome sexual advances, unwanted sexual attention, sexual slurs, sexually explicit emails and comments, and even more severe transgressions like inappropriate touching and sexual assault. In some cases, sexual harassment can even include favoritism and hiring discrimination against women.Hiding in your cubicle: Why so many women feel safer at workGiven the realities of sexual harassment in the workplace, it’s no surprise that many women feel safer at work than they do outside of the office.