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At Exactly 5:28AM on this day, Monday, 11th July, 2022. Jesus Christ our Lord appeared to me and said to me,"Son, my peace be unto you. I came to give you message about the 120 days prayer and fasting Christians are doing. God sent me to tell you to inform Nigerian Christians that their prayers are not as hot as God expects them to be. They should intensify in their prayers against those who want to take over Nigeria and destroy the Christians".

Jesus Christ then continued, "40 days have gone out of the 120 days prayer and fasting, remaining 80 days. The remaining 80 days should not be played with. Every person should take the fasting and prayer very serious because God wants to use them to shake Nigeria.

As for you, My Son, (referring to me), gather more people for the prayer in your prayer camp till the 120 days is over. Let those who can sacrifice their comfort zones to pray for Nigeria join you in your camp. The reason God want christians to increase the fire in their prayers is that those who want to take over Nigeria want to "instigate confusion" which will be used as an excuse to suspend the 2023 election and they are making serious evil plans against "the presidential candidate" who is coming from Anambra state. They want to make use of people from his tribe to achieve their aim against him. That is why God want His people to prayer like they have never done before. The prayer warriors should arise. The prophets and prophetesses should take up their mantles and make declarations. The pastors and other Ministerial leaders should gather their people and command to land of Nigeria to become uncomfortable for those who want to take over Nigeria.

The battle line has been drawn and the God of War has risen to defend His name and His people in Nigeria. Those who are planning Evil against the Christians in Nigeria are going to pay with their own blood from Now onward only if Christians in Nigeria will be serious about the prayer and fasting and increase the fire in their prayers, and after the prayer, those who planned to take over Nigeria will know that God of Christians, is a consuming fire" and He will destroy those who challenge His Supremacy.

Again Jesus Christ said to me, "son, tell my people that I Jesus Christ said that curses from God are resting on all those who are supporting and campaign for those are among the problems of Nigeria. God will require the blood of those who are killed in Nigeria in their hands.

Note: I am priest and not a politician. I am not campaigning for any person and I don't belong to any party. All I am doing is what God wants me to do.

Please if you want to join us in our prayers, feel free to contact me for the direction to the venue. However, I have selected 1st August to 10th September for more people to join us in the prayer and fasting for Nigeria. Our prayers will intensify and God _shall_ glorify His name in Nigeria. Our knees should be stronger in prayer than before now. We shall see the glory of God in Nigeria as we obey God. May God grant us the grace to continue to pray in Jesus name, amen.

This message is from God's humble servant,
Apostle Ubani Kingsley C
WhatsApp: +2348091960938.

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