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Peter Obi's response to Reno Omokri

A letter to Reno

Dear Reno Omokri.

For a long time now, you've played a critics to my aspirations as a presidential candidate under labor party.

I want to tell you that as a leader, I welcome criticism. Any leader who is not ready to accept criticism should step aside.

As a past governor of Anambra state, I experienced criticism too. I never jailed or arrested anyone for that. You can go and verify.

Mr. Reno, what you're doing currently is beyond criticism. For your information, I'm not the current president neither am I the vice.

I will advise you to focus on your candidate and market him. I was a vice presidential candidate under Atiku Abubakar during the 2019 Election. He is a man I respect and love so much. Till this day, you've never seen me speak against him because I respect him.

You are someone who've travelled to different countries and experience how Election campaign is done. You've lived in US, Canada and Europe.

There, they devoid of Ethnicity, region or religion during their campaign. They campaign based on what the person has done, his track records and manifestos.

But sadly, knowing how deep Nigeria is divided currently, you choose to bring this primitive and dinosaur antics in our politics.

It is very unfortunate. You have gone beyond constructive criticism to now inciting regions just to score cheap points.

You have to watch it because posterity will judge today's event!. Peter Obi.