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For Earnnaira
The registration fee is 700
Welcome bonus is 200
Daily login is 100
Shearing of the company sponsor post u will get 100
Daily task 50
And referral bonus is 500 naira
The minimum withdrawal for referral is 2,500
While the minimum withdrawal for ur non referral is 4,000

Let now assume that u refer like 2 people in a day, that is 1k and 500x7 that is how much 7000 per week within a month u will be earning 500x30 the is 15,000 that is huge money

For ur activity earning u will be earning 250 per day, and 250x7 that is 1,750 and for a month 250x30 7,500 interesting right

Now lets do the calculation together 15,000 or ur referral earning plus 7,500 naira of ur activity earning that is 22,500

With ur 700 naira u are good to go