Beware of the Last Days Text: 2 Timothy 3:1-8 ..
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Beware of the Last Days

Text: 2 Timothy 3:1-8

Remember that there will be difficult time in the last days.

These signs have been seen everywhere, everything appears to be crumbling, the society we are living in is not longer the same because of atrocity, calamity, and hardship.

Nations are fighting nations, natural disasters like Earth quack are happening and wickedness the other of day.

May God help us in Jesus' Name.

According to our text we read. Some many things are happening and people are changing from their positive live to negative, and impacting the world in a wicked ways.

The signs of the last days, are as follows:
1. People will be insulting, disobey their parents or loved ones, and do not want to acknowledge God.
2. People will be selfish, greedy, boastful, deceitful, and having no regard for anyone.
3. People will be ungrateful to God, priest, and their destinies helpers.
4. People will be living in sin and they will be willing to repent of their sins.
5. People will not be long seek after God's kingdom, church, and not having total obedience to God's Word.
6. That people will not be merciful and they will be after their own selves.
7. That people will be hater of Christian, God and preferably glorification of vain things.
8. That people will be proud, reckless, liars, having the form God and deny the power of God.
9. Some people will be going after the weaker women/men in the Church deceiving them to commit sins.
10. Sins will be abound and the love of many will be reduced in services to God. How many are attending weekly programs? How many are attending Church because of the fear of the killing? How many brethren are doing things according to the will of God including me; men, women, youth and children nowadays?

Way out:
1. Repent of your sins now tomorrow might be too late. Jesus is alive to save you.
2. Live a life of humility to God and try to be obedient to all His commandments.
3. Live a righteous/holy life before God and men
4. Always read and meditate on the Bible.
5. Always remember to worship and praise God.
6. Attend Church regular, attend revival programs and weekly programs.
7. Be humble to your husband or wife always, and children be obedience to your parents.
8. Be serious about the things of God; payment of your tithe, fulfil your vow, and be doing thing you know are of good report.
9. Fast and pray against going hellfire having seen the need for it from now on.
10. Be thankful to God Almighty always through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much, for twistoking it. God bless you, in Jesus' Name.
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