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Their Love Story 🙃
Written By Ashley Castino
Posted by Authoress Gifted


Their love story is one worth listening to. They had met in an eatery though not on good terms.

He had just come in and he went to the stairs, headed for the first floor. There she stood in all her glory in a white, knee covering gown on white heels. Her hair was the longest he had ever seen. Unlike other girls who wore fake hairs, her was real and shiny.

He stood on the first stair watching her as she made a call which he detected to be a business call. How her love shaped lips moved enticed him. Oh, how he wish she was moving them on his, the feeling would be heavenly.

He came back from his world of fantasy. Indeed, she was the most beautiful one he had seen but he wasn't going to fall in love ever again.

She was done. She looked down and saw him, watching her like a predator. Turning back, she went upwards to the first floor, he came after her.

She stood by the counter, ordering for some snacks.
"Hey, can we have a one night stand?" She heard
Turning her head sideways she saw him.

How straightforward. She wasn't dressed like a whore. was she?

"Sorry, I don't do that" she replied him in a not so polite manner and then she walked away after taking one final glance at him.

"I hope I never come across such person again" she mumbled to herself.

Their love story, written by Ashley Castino
(I take no credit for this wonderful write up).
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