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Their Love Story 🙃
Written By Ashley Castino
Posted by Authoress Gifted

Chapter 9

It's evening already. She sat silently by the shore, far from everyone else. Her legs curled up and her chin on her knees. She felt a presence. Judging by the scent, it was Royce.
"What do you want?" She asked not raising her head. He crouched down and also sat on the sand.
"Why did you runaway?" He asked.

"I don't have an answer for you," She said coldly.

"Do you like me?" He asked and she chuckled.

"Like you? Why would I like a flirt?" She asked rhetorically.

"Oh, is that so?" He said and stood up. "Okay then," He turned to leave, visible hurt on his face.

She quickly went after him and hugged his back sobbing, "I don't like you Royce, I f***ing love you. I fell deeply for you. I have never felt this way for someone in my entire twenty four years of existence"
"I love you so much, it really hurts knowing I don't stand a chance with you," She wept.

He turned around and took her hands, "What do you mean you don't stand a chance with me?"

"Your uncle told me. He told me all you went through since your parents' dëâth.
You live with a kidney Royce?" She cried more.
He hugged her back too and more tightly, "I'm in love with you too Scarlett. I was scared to admit it, I didn't want to, I tried stopping it but it wouldn't"

"I've been avoiding thinking it will dïe down but I was wrong. I yearned for more of you"
"I'd say it was love at first sight. I didn't stop thinking about you since we met in the eatery," He said. He couldn't stop his tears too.

"I love you," She said, her gaze on his lips. She slowly caught them in her's. They fëd on their lips delicately like it was some lollipop. His hand grazed through her neck, she released a moån and broke the kïss.

"I will never leave you Royce, I promise." She said.

"Even with one kidney?"

Comments 😁"Even with one kidney?"

"I don't mind giving you mine," She said looking deeply into his eyes as if to pour all her affëctions.

He looked at hers too. Feeling happy he's got her. He is willing to keep this one. He would never let go.

"I've never loved anyone before but I promise to always be there for you," She thought. They slowly engulfed themselves in a hug.

•The End•

© Ashley Castino
Peculiar AG Writes ✍️


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