In this absurd variation on tag, there is one Tagger and two Doctors. The remaining students, who are potential patients, flee to avoid being tagged. Runners who are tagged must keep running while holding a "Band-Aid" (a hand) over the location where they were tagged. If they are tagged a second time, they must continue moving while holding their other hand over that location as well. They run out of "Band-Aids" and turn into Patients if they are tagged a third time. This implies that until the doctors arrive to "operate," they must remain motionless. A frozen player must be tagged by both Doctors at the same moment in order to "operate" and "heal," or unfreeze, the Patient and allow the player to resume running. When the Tagger tags runners on absurd or difficult-to-reach places like their heads, knees, or backs, the game becomes ridiculous!


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