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beats ep headphones on amazon

Anytime you change the original electronically, distortion sets becomes a factor. The original instruments in concert and the master created by the engineers are the first generation when played through speakers. If the recording is then sent through beats ep headphones the same distortion takes place. With bass headphones, the tops are lost and that pure sound is now something else.
Of course the most obvious problem with any type of headphones, ear plugs or amplified speakers is that the cumulative effect of high volume can impair hearing in even the biggest ears. The human hearing range is between 15Hz - 20,000Hz; anything below or beyond is out of our range. Deliberately increase the bass can contribute to the loss at the lower end.
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If you have only one pair of either wired or wireless headphones, then using a bass headphone for everything may not be wise. The recordings or sounds that you use them for, whether it be vocals, sound effects or acoustical guitar riffs, each require a range of frequency. If the frequency is altered to accommodate the bass headphones, then the use on sound effects for gamers or the highs in a string quartet will undoubtedly be off.

So the key is to either buy separate headphones for the specialty use and a general pair for everything else. Narrow down the field by reviewing the specs before you try out a pair. It's the same technique professional audio engineer use to sort out the myriad of options

Beats EP Review: Good Sound with Wired Limitations

Beats EP Review: Good Sound with Wired Limitations

The apple beats ep has a nano-coating, which makes them water and sweat-resistant. They can handle the occasional splash or rainstorm.