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When I get my dream car. When I buy my dream house. When I earn my first million naira/dollar. When I marry that guy/lady. When my salary is increased to seven figures. When I visit Hawaii. I will then be happy.

When, when, when, when. All the various "whens" that people tend to anchor life's joys and happiness on. The grand illusion that makes people think happiness is a destination or possession.

If only people can pause to enjoy the moment and journey and stop believing happiness is warehoused in some imaginary places, people will find contentment, joy and happiness wherever they find themselves.

If you are unhappy when you have little, the only thing wealth will do is increase that unhappiness. It is same with depression. Happiness is like natural resource. It is around you. You only discover it when you learn how to find it.

I Come across so many miserable affluent people in this world.