How To Make The Most Of Your Online Course

At Inn Confidence, our aim is to ensure that the learner makes the most out of each personal alcohol licence course online and online exam. To help learners achieve this, we offer mock exams that can be taken with or without an allocated tutor. For those who want additional support and guidance while studying, our tutors will guide learners through the process of completing each mock exam.

Studying Tips For Exam Success
Are you preparing to take an important exam? If so, you must have a strong knowledge base and understand the material inside and out. An online course can give you the knowledge and skills needed to pass your exams. Additionally, taking a mock exam is invaluable for simulating what to expect on test day.

How To Prepare For & Pass The BIIAB Level 2 Award Exam
The Personal Licensing qualification is an essential qualification for anyone wanting to obtain their BIIAB Level 2 Award in Personal Licensing. It's also a critical step on the way to becoming qualified as a beauty therapist, and developing your career in the beauty industry.

biiab level 2 award for personal licence holders is a multiple-choice test held over two hours and there are 50 questions. It covers topics such as personal licensing law, social responsibility, health safety and the protection of children. To pass this exam, participants must score at least 70%.

It is important to prepare properly for your course so that you can reach your goals easily. Set aside some study time before taking the course, and revisit key points afterwards by reviewing the materials and doing some practice questions.