FORTUNE DESTINY Episode 32 and 33

The purging and commitment of the secret crown was finished, and the seven men have currently be chosen and the elderly folks took them to the royal residence,

A few Months Later

The purging and commitment of the secret crown was finished, and the seven men have currently be chosen and the elderly folks took them to the royal residence, as of now Okakamuo was there in the castle sitting tight for them, after some second the residents all collect in beyond the royal residence to observe who the crown will fit, uremma who was among the locals should have been visible grinning, not excessively lengthy the elderly folks and the seven designated men all emerged from inside the royal residence, here are the ones who was chosen, obiora, mmadu, Abana, mbaka and nnadi the children of Ajoa, ebube, and ultimately Anayo. at the point when they emerged, the locals were all reciting.


Uremma : (grinning) there's no doubt, I realize the secret crown will fit one of my children, and he will end up being the ruler of this realm, I can hardly hold on to be called mother of lord mbaka or lord nnadi

Ugobo : (conversing with uremma) mother of the lord to be sure, mtcheeeew..... What's more, who let you know that the crown will lay on one of their head, well concerning me, I maintain that Abana should be the following lord of this realm

Uremma : hahaha.... Ugobo! You realize that is preposterous, the crown can never lay on Abana's head since he is a womanizer, the realm need individuals like my children to be top dog and not your womanizer nephew ( she taunted, while ugobo murmured at her)

Mbenwanyi : satisfy lords of our territory, let the crown lay on the top of my child ebube (she asked inside her, uremma who heard her bursted into laugher)

Uremma : (joke) Ehhh.... This locals won't kill someone with chuckle, please mbenwanyi my sister, quit petitioning God for the crown to lay on the top of your child ebube on the grounds that it can never fit him, is it not ebube that I know? That sluggish kid, kindly don't go there, that can never happen not when my children are involved, yet you can definitely relax, in the event that any of my children in the end become ruler, I will make you as my servant who will wash my garments and furthermore addressing some task for me, basically that is the least I can accomplish for you on the grounds that ebube is my child's companion (she said and mbenwanyi said nothing yet just overlooked her, while certain ladies there took a gander at uremma and peered toward her, Adaugo who was there have hushed up this while without saying anything)

Uremma : (conversing with adaugo) chai.. my sister it is well, had it been your little girl ifeoma was alive, one of my children who will become lord would have wed her, yet really awful that she passed on in the timberland like a chicken, if it's not too much trouble, cheer up

Adaugo : you also cheer up, uremma! You are partial to causing individuals to feel terrible, what do you acquire in this? Please ooo simply shift one side, since I don't have your solidarity this evening, am simply here to realize who will be our next kin...... (She haven't finish her explanation when Okakamuo emerged with the secret crown and the townspeople all yelled in celebration on seeing the secret crown)




Episode 33





Okakamuo : I welcome you individuals of ekeama realm

Townspeople : we welcome you too extraordinary diviner (they all choroused)

Okakamuo : well... I can see all of you are exceptionally glad to observe this day, however to you who do you feel that will be your next lord among this men remaining here?

A few residents : obiora! Obiora!! (They chorused)

While some : Anayo! Anayo!! (They additionally chorused)

Uremma : Mbaka! Or on the other hand Nnadi (she chorused also)

Ugobo : Abana! Abana!!

Mbenwanyi : Ebube! Ebube!! (She said in a boisterous voice and others were likewise reciting the name of who they need as their next lord)

Okakamuo : you have all verbally expressed well individuals of ekeama realm, however is just this secret crown am holding here will pick the head it will fall on (he stopped on the grounds that the commotion was excessively)

Senior okoli: you individuals ought to keep calm let him talk nah, or don't you need another King?

Locals : we need another lord (they choroused)

Senior odogwu : Then keep calm let the extraordinary soothsayer talk ( he requested and the residents generally stayed silent)

Senior otunno : satisfy extraordinary one continue....

Okakamuo : I realize all of you have who you need to be your next lord, similar to I was saying previously, is just the crown will pick the head it will fall on, so these men remaining here are the named ones, and any of them who the crown fall on his head will turn into your ruler, individuals of ekeama realm would you say you are prepared for this?

Locals : yesssss..... We are prepared kindly continue (they all choroused in fervor, and afterward Okakamuo did a few spell and a weighty thunder blowed , quickly the secret crown was seen up in the air moving to the heading the men were standing, the residents were taking a gander at the secret crown as is moving in the air)

Uremma : (enthusiastically) I realize the crown will fall on the head of one of my children

Elderly person : (conversing with uremma) lady you are diverting us, why not stay silent and we should consectrate on the thing we are looking

Ugobo : don't care about her, Everytime her children! Her children!! As though is just her children are there, don't be shock that the secret crown will dismiss your children head, and I will be quick to chuckle at you, gibberish (she said and murmured)

Uremma : Jealousy! The crown will fall on the head of one of my children and he will become lord, how about we keep a lookout (she said and afterward keep viewing at the crown as is moving)

In the interim, the crown was all the while continuing on the air, first it got to obiora's head and passed it, then, at that point, it got to mmadu, Anayo, Abana and passed them likewise, the secret crown got to mbaka's course and furthermore passed his head, then, at that point, it got to where nnadi was standing and halted




Remain tuned for the last episode, I realize you would have no desire to miss this, so remain TUNED


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