In the mean time, the crown was all the while continuing on the air, first it got to obiora's head and passed it, then it got to mmadu, Anayo, Abana and passed them additionally

Finale, In the mean time, the crown was all the while continuing on the air, first it got to obiora's head and passed it, then it got to mmadu, Anayo, Abana and passed them additionally, the secret crown got to the course of mbaka and furthermore passed his head, then it got to where nnadi was standing and halted

Uremma : I said it that it will fall on the head of one of my children, and here it is practically on nnadi's head (she said enthusiastically, and everybody there all believed that the secret crown needed to fall on nnadi's head, yet to their most noteworthy shocked, the crown passed nnadi's head went straightforwardly to where ebube was standing, lastly it fell on ebube's head and the locals generally shouted in wonder, when uremma saw this, she tumbled down and fell, it was her significant other Ajoa with their children that brought her back home)

Okakamuo : (pointing at ebube) here is your picked ruler, and he is the person who the secret crown fit (he said and the locals yelled in celebration, while a portion of the young people went to ebube to cheer with him, in the mean time mbenwanyi was crying bittersweet tears euphoria since she never expected that her child ebube will be the picked lord, after everything, Okakamuo got once again to his town)


***The Next Day***

***In Ajoa's House***


Nnadi : (tragically) mom take a gander at the disgrace you are making us go through, wherever I and my sibling mbaka go, individuals will be snickering at us that after everything, that mbaka and I misfortune to our companion ebube

Mbaka : And we never needed to pertake in this for the primary spot, on the off chance that not you Mama that constrained us to pertake in it and guaranteed us that one of us will become lord, yet toward its finish, it was ebube that the crown fit, ebube surprisingly, no this is excessively humiliating to me

Nnadi : exceptionally humiliating, and in seven days time they will coronate ebube as the ruler, presently he will be considering us to be an ordinary citizen, and its most terrible piece is that individuals are making scorn of us wherever we go, this is your shortcoming mom, you have made us go to a fool in this town (he furiously said)

Uremma : (crying) Am sorry my kids for what have caused you58533350981111778, on the off chance that I had known that this would turn out along these lines, I could never have constrained you into it, and presently am thinking twice about it, I feel so embarrassed about myself and presently individuals are making derision of me too, I feel so embarrassed about going external now since I realize they should doubtlessly giggle at me when they sees me, simply see me telling mbenwanyi that she will be my house keeper assuming any of you become lord, presently take a gander at how everything pivoted, the individual I was underatting that she will be my servant will before long be called mother of the ruler in seven days time, I feel so embarrassed about it, that is the reason isn't great to peer down on anyone since you don't have the foggiest idea what tomorrow hold for that individual

Ajoa : Have you see your life uremma, when I was telling you, you said no that you need to be called mother of the lord, presently see where mother of the ruler have landed you, Everytime you will say mbenwanyi is an unfortunate lady, she is no one worth mentioning, that she is excessively worn out as you would prefer that you can not make companion with her that she is excessively low to you, presently have you perceive how everything have turned around for her, and in seven days time her child ebube will be coronated as the new lord of this realm and she will be regarded as the mother of the lord, perhaps you will turn out to be her worker on the off chance that care isn't taken, uremma you have lost, you have completely lost terrible lady (he said and uremma cried the more)


***Seven Days Later***


Ebube was coronated as the new ruler of the realm, and the locals were all singing and moving in delight, uremma didn't go to the crowning ritual day since she was embarrassed that the residents will make disparagement of her when they see her, for that reason she chose not to go to the royal celebration to save herself from the disgrace, however her significant other Ajoa and their children went to the crowning celebration to cheer with ebube.


Occasionally later after ebube turned into the lord, he got hitched to chika and furthermore he compasate the group of the dead ladies and commitment that the ladies will be recalled consistently and he kept to his promise, and from that point he managed the realm cheerfully, And that was the manner by which harmony came to the realm, and there was no greater disaster on the privileged position once more.



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