How to thrive in a competitive business

This article serves as a help to business personnel to encourage them to thrive in business. How to tackle issues in competitive business is provided in the article.


This piece was spurred by a friend complaining of a drastic income reduction in his business which has made him develop the habit of grumbling about bad markets on daily basis.

He called me to seek a piece of advice. According to him, his business is not thriving since other businessmen have established around him - selling the same product.
I didn't ask him the specific business he's engaging in but was calculating how to proffer a solution.
Hey! if you're the one facing such, are you going to feel irritated against the other business partners? How will you feel if a new businessman establishes a similar business in your area?
Every business needs to strategize effectively in order not to be worried about trivial issues.
If you're in the shoe of my friend, what's your next agenda? Are you going to feel discouraged in your business? Have you imagined how people are making it on other platforms, through similar content or product? 
Whenever there is competition in a business, the owners do not need to bother. You should know that people engaging in big businesses are not the only ones selling such products. Many people are selling the same product as you.
When the friend told me, I asked what he would do if I were the one selling similar products in his business zone? He tried persuading me to understand the circumstances, but I didn't accept his persuasion, though it was reasonable.
You should know this.
As far as you're engaging in business, competition is one of the conflicting issues that will affect business owners.
Sometimes, 10 persons may be selling or advertising similar products with you in the same location. Sometimes, they'll have more helpers than you.
If you're facing this, the solution is here because no business can escape competition. All you've to know in competitive business are provided below.
√ Employ a business-minded agent
If you're facing competition in business, employ a business-minded agent. Agents serve to represent their principals in the course of employment. Business-minded people should know some skills to attract customers.
It helps a lot to grow a business, some businesses are thriving because of the conduct of agents. Good agents are business builders. So, a good agent can chase the frustration business owners are facing.
√ Develop a well-planned strategy
There are many ways to engage customers. There are many forms to attract customers to your business. Some steps can be taken to win in a competitive business environment.
Develop a strategy to win the competition. No business owner will tell you that he competes with others, but they struggle to win the race secretly.
The strategy can be psychological style, display of unique content or product, displaying trending products, or decoration of the site whether physical or virtual.
√ Be friendly
As a business owner that wants to thrive, your policy must be friendly. You need to develop this habit in any business engagement. As a business writer, allow your work to be friendly which can easily attract customers.
As a product seller, you don't need to be angry at your customers, just be friendly.
It's a key factor for a business owner to thrive.
So, if you think the competition in your business is extremely high, adopt this method to win customers' hearts. If you lack this, you'll be afraid of competitive business.
√ Connect other business partners dealing with similar product
Yes! This is also a good step for a business owner. Connect business owners that are dealing with the same product. It's advantageous to have business partners in different places. 
When you connect people, they'll connect you to other customers. If such dealings can be done, the fear of losing customers will not be there. The fear of not having customers too will not bother a business owner that's dealing with many business partners.
√ Must be consistent
Consistency is a dominant key if you want your business to flourish. The business I'm talking about is not limited to buying and selling. 
Anything you do as a job for earning is business
business can't be flowing well if the owner is not effective. Your consistency will determine how far you'll go in a competitive market. 
Your consistency will also attract customers so that you'll not fail them as others used to do.
Are you still reading?
Tell me what will happen after applying these steps. You don't need to seek other advice after reading this article. These are the basic things you need to do in a competitive market.

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In all one does, consistency is the key to success. Real business owners don't lament or give up

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