How To Enable Port Forwarding On Spectrum Router?

How To Enable Port Forwarding On Spectrum Router?

Therefore, you have to enable port forwarding on Spectrum router. The Spectrum router has an internal firewall which most of the routers have, to secure the Wi-Fi network.

Spectrum router is one of the most recognized name in the market. They produce good quality router for accessing internet connection for the devices. The Spectrum router has firewall which disables certain applications and sites. Therefore, you have to enable port forwarding on Spectrum routerThe Spectrum router has an internal firewall which most of the routers have, to secure the Wi-Fi network. But at the same time, it also blocks certain sites and apps . But you do require to access some of them. In that case, you need to allow and give the permission to these apps through the firewall. You need to forward their ports through the router to access them. Follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to enable port forwarding:

  • Open the My Spectrum app on your internet connected device and click on services option.
  • Then, click on the router below Equipment option.
  • Go to advance settings.
  • Click on port forwarding and IP reservations.
  • Now you have to enter the name for the port assignment.
  • Next, enter the internal and external port number in the given space.
  • Then, select the portal.
  • Confirm the change and click on save.

Let’s see how to establish wireless connection through Spectrum router WPS buttonThere is a WPS button on Spectrum router. WPS stands for Wi-Fi protected setup. You can enable the WPS settings and connect your internet devices to your router.

Steps to enable WPS button:

  • Go to the router configuration menu.
  • Click on the wireless settings.
  • Then, click on basic security settings.
  • Here you will see the option, turn wireless on/off
  • Click on the on button.
  • Click on apply to save the changes.

After enabling the WPS method, let’s have a look at the steps for Spectrum router setupFollow the steps mentioned below.

Steps to setup Spectrum router:

  • Plug the router to an electric socket.
  • Unplug any other cable or wires connected to your router.
  • Connect the router and the modem through an Ethernet cable.
  • For configuring the settings of the router, connect the router and the computer through an Ethernet cable.
  • Turn on your router to proceed with the setup.

After completing the setup, you would require to login using the default credentials. The default password on Spectrum modem is the word password. You can open a web browser in a device connected to the router and type the IP address. Then, press enter and you will be directed to the login page of the router. Enter the username and password and click enter.

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