Newbie at the wheel

Newbie at the wheel

Starting to drive/Newbie at the wheel

Starting to drive

Check your driver's license before moving off. If you do not have one for some reason, then use the editable blank drivers license template. To start driving, put the key in the ignition and start the car engine. If the car is in gear, you must first put it in neutral by depressing the clutch.

Make sure it is safe to enter the road, and notify other road users of your intention.

At this stage, perform three actions:

                      1) turn on your left turn signal;

                     2) Look in your rear-view mirrors;

                     3) let the approaching vehicles pass, and then start moving.

You should always start off strictly from the first gear, increasing it as the speed increases.


A particular complexity is the entry into the garage.

So, the basic rules of entry into the garage:

                        1) when performing a maneuver, you should not rush;

                       2) be sure to use the rear-view mirrors;

                       3) to successfully enter the box, make a timely and quick turn of the steering wheel in the right direction;

                      4) It is important to maintain sufficient distance between the car and the walls of the garage.


In order to park properly, a novice driver should first study the relevant section . Here it is written in details, when you can and when you cannot park your car, what signs are valid in this sphere, how a car should be parked on the parking place, etc.

In general, the following tips for beginners will help to learn how to park properly:

                      1) pay attention whether there are no forbidding signs nearby;

                      2) visually assess whether there is enough space for the maneuver;

                     3) consider that parking in reverse is more convenient in comparison with ordinary parking;

                    4) put your hands in the upper part of the steering wheel: it is more convenient to make turns;

                   5) park slowly: this reduces the risk of making a mistake.

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