NBCU, Peacock bring ShoppableTV to 'Love Island USA'

Comcast’s NBCUniversal (NBCU) announced it’s applying its ShoppableTV technology to dating show “Love Island USA,” premiering July 19 on streaming platform Peacock

to allow viewers to scan on-screen QR codes and shop products used by contestants all season long, per details shared with Marketing Dive. 

Once scanned, the QR codes will take viewers to shoppable articles on sister platform E! Online that will feature brands like Quay and Yellowpop. Consumers can purchase items through NBCUniversal Checkout, part of its One Platform ad tech stack.

Creating a season-long, shoppable experience follows NBCUs effort to mainstream immersive e-commerce experiences on TV and ramp up opportunities for brand marketers as ways to keep viewers engaged and drive revenue.




E-commerce and television isn’t a new mix for Comcast’s NBCU, but its ShoppableTV QR code integration into ITV Entertainment’s “Love Island USA” shows how the broadcaster is looking to streamline the experience for viewers while driving revenue as it competes with other streaming TV offerings. 


, at which point fans can watch for scannable QR codes to appear on their screens which they can scan to shop the products “islanders” are using. From the initial scan through the checkout, guests are using NBCU’s sites and tools, which could help make the experience seamless while providing the media company with valuable consumer insights. 


ShoppableTV and NBCUniversal Checkout, launched in 2019 and 2020 respectively, fall under the One Platform advertising tech suite offered by NBCU. Since adding ShoppableTV, it’s been used among sponsors including Lacoste during the French Open, Walmart on the “Today Show,” ZSwift during the Tour de France and more. Still, the success of QR codes on TV continues to see highs and lows, which some blame on user experience. However, if the issue is visibility, the push to integrate QR codes into a series may help NBCU crack the code.

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