14 ventures you can launch with N100,000

The tools required to make this business successful will include good hygiene practices and culinary expertise.

1. A food truck operation

Students, young adults, and even married couples now frequently prefer eating out in most urban locations. This is either a result of being too busy or having a need for a certain food. You can take advantage of this chance and open a restaurant. Cities where people are constantly moving, like as Lagos, Onitsha, and Aba, are known to have thriving restaurant industries. With just N70,000, you can rent a small shed and start serving one or two meals. The tools required to make this business successful will include good hygiene practices and culinary expertise.


2. Making soap

Locally produced soap is in greater demand. It should come as no surprise that washing will always be necessary. You can produce your own soap. Online tutorials on making soap are widely available. All you have to do is locate customers and convince them that your locally produced soap is superior than others. Additionally, the supplies and machinery required to make soap are inexpensive.


3. manufacturing of perfume

Basic chemical and packaging skills are necessary for this line of work. You can survive with a capital even lower than N100,000. You will need to continue educating yourself about the proper product and packaging if you want to succeed in this industry. It's also advantageous to target affluent professionals who will be intrigued by the luxury of smelling good. Due to its lengthy shelf life, this business could develop into a commodity for export.


4. A small importation enterprise

Finding online stores that let you order goods at discount prices is related to this. Amazon and All Express are two such internet retailers. Even with little N10000,000, this business can be launched. Each product's sale generates profit, which you can use to go even further. Since your clients can also purchase online for themselves, it is nevertheless crucial to understand the company' strategies. But many have found it to be financially rewarding.

5. Manufacturing of fruit juice

Urban areas, where it is harder to find nutritious foods, have a higher demand for organic fruit juices than rural areas. In addition to gas stations, hotels, and other prime locations, fruit drinks are frequently marketed. In heavily populated places like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Kano, etc., the fresh fruit juice industry has been shown to be profitable. Making fruit juice requires inexpensive equipment. These may be a generator, a freezer, or reliable electricity. A budget of between N10000 to N50000 is required for this enterprise.


6. Processing of garri

Garri is a cuisine that is always in demand in Nigeria. This company will not only succeed in rural areas, but also in cities. This company could benefit greatly from automation, which will cost between $25,000 and $30,000.

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7. Growing snails

In markets and even as finished goods in dining establishments or hotels where they are served for consumption, snails are pricey. The amount of N100000 will not be necessary for snail farming. This business could be started locally with between N50000 and N80000. Additionally, it is stated that breeding snails is not difficult and that they are a market for the wealthy and upper class.


8. Chicken farming

This is still one of the most well-liked small-business startups. You can start with several chickens for as little as N20,000. Additionally, raising poultry does not involve any particular talents beyond your attention, knowledge gained from experienced farmers and online resources, as well as proper hygiene. Space, water, and money for their feeding are additional requirements. You will make back these costs through sales. Each day-old broiler chicken costs roughly N150. These varieties of chickens have the advantage of growing more quickly, and you may sell each one for between N1800 and N2000 after around 9 weeks. One must comprehend the seasons at which they operate in order to generate the greatest profits from this business.


9. Breeding dogs

In some regions, including the northern and southern sections of Nigeria, dogs are kept as pets or even eaten. The dog breeding industry does quite well in this area. For N70,000, one can purchase a female dog. This dog can give birth to eight puppies, each of which may be purchased for 70,000 naira. While the dog's food will be your biggest expense. To run this business, you also need to be dog-friendly.


Fishery 10.

Despite the fact that this firm is very ecologically conscious, you should still consider it due of its diversity and low risk. Catfish breeding doesn't require a lot of stress, so the main resources you'll need are water and ground area.


11. A small office building

Profits can be made quickly with this tiny business. Wherever these services are most required, such as in universities or colleges, it is ideal to run this program there. A set of computers, devices like a scanner, printer, photocopying machines, tables, and seats, as well as other equipment, are necessary for the efficient operation of a business center. Even though this firm may not initially appear to be profitable, it eventually proves successful.


12. Charge a phone

The enormous prospects contained inside this business venture place it at the top of the list. Nigeria has a terrible energy infrastructure, yet it's also a country where everyone needs to be connected via a mobile device. Due to the high cost of fuel and gasoline, many customers pay phone charging merchants to charge their phones for a set fee. A phone charging booth can be set up with the following tools:


The price of an electric generator is roughly N30,000.


To be on the safe side, especially during times of fuel scarcity, it is preferable to purchase and store gasoline in large quantities for the generator.


a board of electrical sockets with numerous phone-charging sockets


switchboards and the cables that link them


13. The sale of food

Since the cost of many goods varies seasonally, it is possible to purchase them at a discount and subsequently resale them for a higher price. You may use rice, beans, garri, or even palm oil for this. Renting a store or stall and selling it in smaller quantities, like cups, is all that is required. A cup of rice, for instance, will cost around N100. The vendor would make money on each cup sold if there were around 250 cups in a bag of rice.


14. Accessory sales for mobile phones

With even less than N100000,000, this business can be launched. The proper vendors will be the only thing you need to worry about. Since they are so inexpensive and can be afforded by many clients, many people start off by purchasing their phone devices from China. But when your profits rise, it makes sense to strive for better and higher-quality goods. The firm will be able to expand and flourish even though these are more expensive. Due to your positive reputation, many more customers will be attracted to your store and motivated to purchase their phone accessories from you. You will eventually have a successful business that is profitable.

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The tools required to make this business successful will include good hygiene practices and culinary expertise.