In your 20s, do you live alone? How to Survive in Nigeria, in Brief In your 20s.

The 20s are supposedly the best years of your life, but not for those of us who are alive in these historic times. There are ups and downs to living alone on its own

Global inflation is a problem, and Nigeria has been particularly heavily struck. "Inflation is often described as the continuing increase in the general level of pricing of goods and services," according to Statistics.



Since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020, the world has changed significantly. 




Everyone was required to stay at home, with businesses, schools, and factories all shut down. 




It was a really trying time, and many individuals lost their employment. 


The Tik Tok videos and challenges were the only things that came out of lockdown, but otherwise, the world's economies suffered greatly and many individuals lost a lot of money. 



Inflation has skyrocketed as a result of the Ukraine war at a time when the world is becoming more open. Gas and food prices have soared. 


You're living alone, earning a graduate entry-level salary, and you should be having the time of your life. 


What do you do to make a living?




  • Leave your work and return home.

Congratulations if you're staying with your parents! That is less money to spend on rent, and all other necessities, but if your wage forces you to live in debt, return home and continue looking for work. 


According to research, if you made N200,000 last year, your pay is now worth N100,000. So, I apologize if your annual income is less than N100,000.



  • Choose a roommate 

You do not want to go home, that's fine. In actuality, you don't own a house. Some individuals live in mattresses on the floor in expensive places like New York, but you don't have to go to that degree. 


A simple approach to cut your expenses is to split the rent with someone. Additionally, it can be lonely and you need company. 



  • Organize a food drive. 

Purchasing items in bulk frequently results in lower prices. 


Five individuals can pool their resources to purchase groceries at cost; this is how our mothers make ends meet. Don't claim that we did nothing for you. 




  • Remain in your home. 

Yesterday, I spent N4,900 on Uber. Tears. I am therefore the best person to suggest that you stay at home. 



Although we all want to live for the 'gram and publish interesting photos on social media, our bank accounts don't always agree. 

Stay at home and experience life through the eyes of others.


If you reside in Lagos, avoid going anywhere you will be charged N8,000 for Amala or N33,000 for spaghetti, and that you can save up for one adventure every three months. 


If you have to go there, get a cocktail and chicken and chips, both for under N10,000. 




  • work in technology or launch a tech business 

The money is in IT. If you're wondering why I haven't started a tech career if it's that simple, keep your mouth shut.


To advance, everyone is attempting to learn some aspect of technology.




  • Maintain a budget 

You're exploring for online clothing retailers while browsing Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I feel sorry for you. Set daily and weekly spending limits and adhere to them. 




  • Plan your life. 

How can you level up if you won't always be an entry-level graduate? Consider this. Scholarships? Certifications? What can get you where you want to go from where you are? 




Did you anticipate me to say Japa? No oh. You need money to travel to Japan, and if you already had it, you wouldn't be reading this list right now. 




Also, get your PVC.



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