The Top 7 Nigerian Cryptocurrency Wallets

The use of a conventional crypto exchange and wallet should be avoided by those who have not yet made an investment in digital currency. This is so that users of may learn about cryptocurrencies without having to buy or store any tokens themselves

The bitcoin market is growing quickly and becoming more well-known. Bitcoin wallets in Nigeria are included in this. More businesses choose to employ digital money as it becomes more widely accepted. If you haven't thought about using bitcoin as a payment option yet, the time is now. Without using banks, you can send money from one person to another using the peer-to-peer electronic payment method known as Bitcoin. It is among the most popular ways for businesses to make payments online. There are numerous ways to access and store bitcoin, but not every one of them is suitable for use worldwide. We'll examine the top bitcoin wallets in Nigeria in this section.

The use of a conventional crypto exchange and wallet should be avoided by those who have not yet made an investment in digital currency. This is so that users of may learn about cryptocurrencies without having to buy or store any tokens themselves. This is due to's focus on CFDs.


The prices of bitcoin are mirrored in real time via CFDs. Depending on whether they think the price of their chosen crypto CFD will increase or decrease, they may go long or short on it. Customers of can attempt to profit from the cryptocurrency marketplaces without the need for a wallet as a result.


Importantly, the proceeds from a user's crypto CFD position are credited to the account balance when they are cashed out.'s lack of a commission fee makes using it to access Nigeria's crypto markets advantageous. This holds true for all of its supported markets, which include thousands of equities, ETFs, currencies, and commodities in addition to 470+ crypto pairings.


Coinbase Wallet 


One of the most well-known cryptocurrency platforms in the world today, Coinbase was established in 2012 and provides a safe and convenient way to buy and exchange various cryptocurrencies. This is crystal clear given that it has more than 43 million clients worldwide. The fact that the Coinbase wallet accepts a variety of crypto currencies, grants access to decentralized applications (DApps), uses bank-level security, and offers cloud connectivity makes it one of the best bitcoin wallets in Nigeria (Google Drive and iCloud).


Nigerians, however, are unable to trade on the Coinbase exchange; they may only use Coinbase's wallet services to transfer funds between Coinbase and other wallets. For beginners in especially, Coinbase is fairly easy to utilize. If you're a more experienced bitcoin user, though, you can use Coinbase Pro to have access to extra features, like real-time market swing tracking.


Binance Wallet


Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market is booming, it is still a young and unregulated sector. Cryptocurrency traders and buyers need a secure place to store their digital assets. The Binance wallet comes into play at this point. It is a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency trading, buying, and selling. It offers the same level of security as conventional exchanges and is built on the blockchain.


You can buy, trade, and swap cryptocurrencies using your phone and the Binance wallet. It has a coin called BNB that may be used to pay for transaction and trading fees. Additionally, the wallet is integrated with Binance DEX, a decentralized exchange that enables direct cryptocurrency trading between users without the use of an intermediary exchange.



A well-known exchange that supports African traders is called Quidax. Users can buy and sell bitcoins on the website for a 0.3% fee. The Quidax can be accessed online or through an iOS or Android app, and it also serves as a custodial wallet. The fact that Quidax manages the wallet's private keys may be appealing to new users. One key benefit of using this service is that tokens saved in the Quidax wallet will be added to the "Vault." Using an automated stacking system, users can earn interest on their tokens.

Staking incentives may be redeemed at any time, and there is no minimum redemption period. The fact that Quidax accepts debit and credit cards is an additional benefit. This suggests that Nigerian clients can instantly buy digital currency without leaving the wallet interface.




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Additionally, Quidax has its own native digital currency, known as QDX. This virtual money, which utilizes the Binance Smart Chain, is traded openly. The fact that this provider only offers 20+ tokens is one of its main drawbacks. Diversification will be more challenging as a result.

Trust Wallet


One of the most reliable and secure cryptocurrency wallets in the world is Trust wallet. Just ask Trust Wallet's tens of millions of users. This open-source wallet can be used to buy, store, and collect NFTs as well as trade and earn bitcoin. Without leaving the Trust wallet app, you can exchange cryptocurrencies. The app also includes charts and cryptocurrency values.


In 2018, Binance acquired Trust Wallet to serve as its official wallet. You can buy Bitcoin using the Trust wallet in under five minutes, get interest on the cryptocurrency you have on hand, and keep all of your valuables (including artwork and NFTs) in one place. Trust Wallet supports over 150 coins, including ERC 20 tokens. With its server-free technology, you are the only one with access to your assets. Additional in-app security mechanisms like pin and biometric scanning are present. Trust wallet offers cross-platform capability and a simple user interface.




For those seeking a simple, jargon-free interface, ZenGO is among the finest cryptocurrency wallets in Nigeria. For iOS and Android mobile devices, this wallet is available as a free app. The wallet can be set up in a matter of seconds, and users can utilize biometrics to encrypt their accounts. Despite being a non-custodial wallet, ZenGo makes it easy to regain access to an account.


In the event that the phone is lost or the app is unintentionally deleted, for instance, customers may easily restore their wallets with a facial scan. ZenGo has been audited by a number of groups, including Scorpiones and Kudelski. In addition to storage, ZenGO offers a wide range of additional services. With the push of a button, users can switch between different digital tokens, even across chains. Users of ZenGo's app can now earn interest on dormant tokens thanks to a connection between Nexo and ZenGo.


Kraken Wallet


Knit Wallet Since its establishment in 2011, Kraken has developed into one of the biggest cryptocurrency marketplaces available. One of the most reputable bitcoin wallets in Nigeria for purchasing, selling, storing, and trading bitcoins is Kraken.


The first bitcoin exchange to use Proof of Reservation and pass a crypto audit was Kraken. Among bitcoin exchanges, this site boasts some of the most affordable transaction fees. Additionally, it offers no-fee deposits and extremely low withdrawal rates on its wallet. Nigerians can trade more than 20 different cryptocurrencies on Kraken. Kraken money is thought to be quite safe. Users may simply transact in cryptocurrencies using the Kraken app interface.




In Nigeria, Paxful is a reliable bitcoin wallet. As seen by the over 3 million customers who have used the Paxful wallet to send and receive bitcoin in Nigeria, Paxful is a great cryptocurrency trading platform for Bitcoin. You'll never have to choose between security and convenience while using the Paxful wallet because it uses industry-leading security measures.

Utilizing the platform is simple. It does not, however, support other virtual currencies. All of your gadgets are compatible with the Paxful wallet. It enables simple management of your bitcoin funds and direct top-ups using the Paxful peer-to-peer exchange.


As a result, you can send or receive bitcoin instantly. Gift cards, debit or credit cards, cash, and Skrill are all acceptable payment options for Paxful wallet. Paxful also offers top-notch customer support.


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